Securus Technology Building Better Management Systems for Correctional Agencies

For over 30years, Securus Technologies has provided technology based solutions for monitoring, investigations, public safety, biometric analysis, and corrections. The products and services by Securus Technologies are available to over 3,450 correctional, public security and law enforcement facilities and over 1.2 million inmates in North America. The company has also enabled in-mate self-service, communication, information sharing, and incident management. Securus Technologies’ primary objective is to assure safety and connections when it matters.


Before 2007, the Securus Technologies only offered inmate telecommunications services. The company later diversified to include government service and advanced technology software products. Today their product offerings include jail management software, money transfer services, video visitation services, data analytics, telecom services, healthcare and education apps, biometric voice solutions, wireless containment solutions and GPS monitoring. Securus Technologies invested up to 605 million dollars, acquired patents and partnered with other organizations to expand further.


In making decisions for expansion or product development, the company consults various stakeholders in the industry including inmates and their friends and family. Securus Technologies has built networks with the law enforcement workers and regularly interacts with their customers to get feedback and source ideas on how they can improve the lives through service delivery. The company resolves to increase safety and efficiency, reduce recidivism and ensure a smooth transition for the inmates into society.


The inclusion of other stakeholders in decision making has resulted in better service and relationships. Securus received several feedback emails from the people who use their products and services commending them on their efforts to improve communication, safety, efficiency and connecting them with the real world. Other emails lauded Securus Technologies for consistent innovation, providing reliable and all-round equipment, making security a priority and putting the interests of inmates and families at heart.


Securus Technologies upholds their social responsibility of increasing inmate education, mitigating and solving social problems, making safety facilities work better and cutting the rates of recidivism. In the future, the company expects changes in technology to influence the management of civil and criminal justice.


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September 21, 2017

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