Andrew Wirth: Dry Winter and How They Survived

Mr. Andy Wirth is the president and chief executive of alpine meadows of Tahoe, Inc. he also serves as president of Square Valley Ski Corporation since 2010. He has been the senior vice president sale and marketing from Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation since June.

He has served in many other corporations which earned him a 24years experience in sales and marketing. Andy Wirth, who is also called Andy, has a bachelor’s degree in science from Colorado state university. He has also attended Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Californians have reduced their water use by 27% compared to 2 years ago. People are now more concerned with the coming draught more than any other issue. In winter and winter sports, ski resorts in California have suffered one of the driest winters in recorded history. What can they do to survive in a world with less snow? Andrew Wirth was interviewed by radio in which he relieved the how squawe Valley Ski Corporation survived the harsh winter and their strategies for future survival.

In the interview, he said that winter was tough for the resorts. There was a ridiculously resilient ridge as referred by Stanford meteorologist. Squawe Valley ski corporation managed to make it through the winter quite well but ski visits went down in a couple of neighboring resorts by 20%.The resort could survive some winters if they experienced what they did last year. Though they are not getting what they are capable of, they have the ability to withstand the changes and the volatile weather.

Andy Wirth said that People who want to go for skiing had nothing to worry about. Their corporation has 6000 acres of land and 4000 is covered in snow, so skiing still has a chance. In December and January, they were operating in average snow, but the results were still favorable.

They have become excellent at using science and making snow. They are focused on how they can manage snow. They are looking forward to the absence of the ridiculously resilient ridge and the presence of ambient temperatures in the impending winter El Niño.

Stanford reports indicate to them which are genuinely scientific reports. With report Stanford meteorologist reports he hopes to manage the resorts to increase the volatility of weather. They are doing so well even in summer. They have summer activities to cater for weddings, meeting and events hence they have it all catered for. I have always been tied to some form of weather behavior. They see themselves as resource managers.

They have 6000 acres of land covered in snow. Their aim is to manage business against changes in climate. They are planning to open the season before Thanksgiving.

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June 23, 2016

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Athleisure Wear: The Newest Trend in Activewear is Taking it to the Streets in Comfort

Athletic wear has come a long ways since Rocky wore his signature grey sweatsuit up the steps in Philadelphia. If you love to look good and be comfortable at the same time you’re in luck. Athleisure wear, the trendy new portmanteau bestowed on clothing that is high tech but comfortable, has shown up in force in the fashion world. CBS news recently reported that sales of active wear in the United States increased 16% from 2014 to 2015 making it a $44 billion dollar industry. Evidenced by the continued growth of active sales, it appears that the trend is here to stay.
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Kate Hudson, actress and founder of active wear subscription company Fabletics, says the trend makes sense. “It’s become more and more accessible”, she said in a recent interview with Marie Clare about her new line of athleisure dresses. Men and women who have athletic lifestyles want clothing from Fabletics that is compatible with those lifestyles and they find it in athleisure wear made with comfortable, high tech fabrics.

Fabletics, Hudson’s company, aims to help make athleisure wear even more accessible. VIP Shoppers have the opportunity to purchase subscription and shop a new collection released each month. The service famously offers complete outfits for a low flat rate.


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May 29, 2016

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How Reputation Management Can Rescue Your Corporate Image

Status Labs is a reputation management company located in Austin, Texas. Recently the company was forced to repair and manage its own reputation. Because of the actions of a former executive, from a non company sponsored event Status Labs was pulled into the arena of negative press. A small local news article was quickly transformed into an event covered by national media.

Since 2012 Status Labs helped save the reputations of over 1150 clients. Not everyone has a positive view of online reputation management. Status Labs views online reputation management as a vital part of any corporate business plan. As public relations management continues to grow in the digital world, the demand will continue to grow for reputation management.

To insure a change in reputation management, one must change the behavior that caused the negative press. A lot of times this may involve terminating the individual who caused the incident that damaged the company’s reputation. A change in leadership was necessary at Status Labs. The executive that caused the incident was fired. The information was dispersed by using a press release. Ultimately a new picture of the corporate management was released to the press. Throughout the rebuilding process, the executives at Status Labs realized to maintain their reputation they need to be more involved with the community. A positive impression in the community can easily offset the negative actions of one employee. To boost a positive image it’s always important to post community activities on your website and Facebook page.

Sometimes the most damaging effect from negative press is the impact on the remaining employees. At times employees may exit the company depending on the nature of the negative press. If the negative press is really bad, employees may no longer want to be associated with negative corporate image. Employee morale is important when rebuilding the corporate reputation. Many corporations have employee outings to improve morale. Some have weekly meetings with employees to allow all employees to discuss any concerns or issues.

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May 25, 2016

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Past experience helps Helane Morrison ‘fall’ into her current position

Over time various job industries have become extinct. This is due to the many changes that have taken place in technology, society, and the world. Though these changes have caused a number of job industries to become obsolete, they have contributed to the creation of new careers and job fields. One of the job fields or titles is compliance officer. These individuals are responsible for fixing company issues and preventing fraud.

It has been reported that the need for compliance officers have grown from zero to tens of thousands in just 20 years. These officers are responsible for preventing, locating, and repairing regulatory and ethical problems that exist within a business or company. Though the need for compliance officers has seen rapid growth just over the past 20 years, it has been forecasted that the need will grow exponentially. The growing need of compliance officers is due to the increased rules and regulations that the federal and state government has created for the businesses to abide by.
It is true that many people have stepped up to fill the current compliance officer needs but this does not mean that the job is simple and easy to do. In order to be a successful compliance officer one must be able to pay attention to detail, closely abide by a set of internal controls, and be able to connect and influence leadership members to make necessary changes within a company. If certain guidelines are not followed by a business then the consequences in the form of fines can be issued.

The growing opportunities in the corporate compliance field have caused a number of universities to create courses and degree programs that help to educate and equip individuals to becoming a compliance officer.

In addition to corporate compliance officers being an expanding job field, it is also a great career because it has many advancement opportunities. Also, these particular jobs are not only confined to the United States borders. Since many companies today are multinationals, there is a need from compliance officers.

Helane Morrison’s profile is an example of how some people ‘fall’ into the role of compliance officer. Her current title is Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She stepped into her current position in 2007. Before stepping into her current position Morrison worked in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999 to 2007.

Other previous career opportunities help to prepare and shape Morrison for her role in the corporate compliance position. She practiced law from 1986 to 1996 where she focused on SEC matters, litigation, and private securities. Her knowledge of the law and ability to pay attention to detail has helped to ready her for her role in the corporate compliance field.

May 19, 2016

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FreedomPop Offers Radical Wi-Fi Service

FreedomPop, founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, is a mobile phone service provider, offering wireless internet. The company is located in Los Angeles and provides free texting and free voice messaging and is moving into the area of selling phones and tablets, which will work with their wireless system. Last year FreedomPop launched a wireless internet service offering customer the opportunity to connect to a network of internet providers across the country for only $5. per month.

This radical, exciting Wi-Fi access plan has an auto connect function, and there will be no need to connect, manually, giving their customers another reason to subscribe to their services. This unlimited service plan represents the lowest priced Wi-Fi access available in the United States of America. FreedomPop has a mission to provide affordable communication services to everyone. Read more about FreedomPop’s unlimited Wi-Fi program here: http://http//

As prices for services begin to decrease, there is an opportunity for advertisers to ply their trade with those of us who want low costs and will suffer watching an advert in order to continue saving money on our service contracts. Advertising for television has been with us, for what seems like forever to most people, but the advertising on TV came much later than the expensive print advertising inside popular magazines read by the majorities of homes in America in the pre-TV world. The Internet is rapidly changing TV viewing habits, but it, too, has a potential for adverts. Read more: http://http//

There are rumors that FreedomPop may be absorbed by Sprint or another cell service provider. Those interested in having inexpensive cell phone service, coupled with an Internet service which works on your cell phone in most parts of the U.S. for only $5. per month is a deal to good to pass up.

April 12, 2016

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