OSI Group and McDonald’s have Safety Scandal at Chinese Factory

OSI Group McDonalds, an American meat production company, decided to recall all meat that were produced and processed at a Shanghai plant. This plant has been involved in a safety scandal that has affected how people see the safety of McDonald’s mear in Japan, Hong Kong and China.

OSI Group McDonalds responded recently to the recall by saying that they are trying to rebuild the trust of consumers and customers. They are working with the authorities to make sure that meat manufactured at Shanghai Huis from the Asian marketplace.

A Shanghai TV reporter went undercover in OSI unit at the Shanghai Husi plant and filmed them mixing out-of-date meat with fresh cuts and lying to McDonald’s inspectors. This was reported by the Chinese media.

As result of this report, 5 senior executives at this plant were arrested. The practice of selling expired meat had been going on for years.

Other than OSI Group McDonalds, this meat production plant has been selling meat to Pizza Hut and KFC, day-to-day operations run by Yum! Yum!. Yum!Yum! Has decided to look for another supplier.

The Chinese media has been hard on McDonald’s for saying that they

will only switch to another meat factory that is run by OSI in the same country.

The large American fast food chain is not fairing well in the press in Hong Kong or any other Chinese publications.

The South Cina Morning Post has reported that a consumer council chief was questioned whether OSI Group McDonalds meat was tainted or not. McDonald’s has admitted that there is something wrong with the raw meat in Hong Kong. The chain only admited this after imports from Shanghai Husi plant were banned by the government.

The authorities of Hong Kong stopped 59 tons of tainted McDonald’s meat from going to mainland China.

The Post published an article that questions whether people will really love McDonald’s or not. A nanny in the article feels that that she is not going to any McDonald’s in the future.

Currently, McDonald’s has limited the amount of chicken items on its menu in Shanghai.

By itself, OSI Group is an American Food, Drink and Tobacco company that was founded in 1909n and last year, the company has made sales of $6.1 billion. The company employs 20,000 and is based in Aurora, Illinois. The current chairman and CEO of the company is Sheldon Lavin. The Chief Financial Officer is Sherry DeMeulenaere.

According to their website, OSI Group has different designs for how they process vegetables, meats, fruits and other foods. They customize their order for each client. Each client have their own special requests, specifications and operational needs. Whatever part of the factory, OSI will find ways to make the factory more efficient and convevient. OSI supplies pork, poultry, beef, seafood, pizza, produce, baked goods and other foods to all parts of the world. OSI promises that their clients will find the products delightful.

OSI thinks that it has the experience and the creativity to make and create products that their clients will want. Whatever meal it is, OSI should be counted on to make delicious products.

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December 1, 2018

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