How Nicholas Kraff’s Company Ensures Dialogue At Any Organization

Emanuel Lulin is the Chief Ethics Officer and a Senior Vice President of L’oreal. Regarding ethics, he is straightforward in determining the company’s ambitions to the business executives. Besides, he explains that his company relies on a conviction and proactive approach to handle their problems. In spite of this approach, the group relies on integrity, transparency, courage, and respect. The leadership is vital because it guides the company in respectful activities of the environment. Besides, they are responsible for various aspects like information, compliance and philanthropy, respect for human rights, and social responsibility.


The pioneering approach can be illustrated well during Ethics day. It aims is to unite the employees while inspiring them to start positive initiatives. During the event, the company invites all its staff to ask any question in the preferred field.

They usually use webchat to address their leaders on various local issues. In 2018, over 60% of its staff took part in the constant discussion. Throughout the debate, the leaders answered their questions while encouraging them to value ethics all the time.

Promoting the Ethics culture

At a broadcaster level, the company relies on various internal resources to support ethics at all the organization levels. They involved correspondents who contacted people in each country. They represented managers and other employees in the respective countries.

Furthermore, they used various methods like initiating information campaigns, securing a whistle-blowing website, enacting eLearning programs, and conducting dedicated events towards transforming their company. Moreover, they encourage their employees to signal inappropriate behavior and express their views well.

Since 2017, the company communicates about its Human Rights Policy by considering the individuals’ rights in its chain value. Later in 2018, Ethisphere Institute recognized it as the most ethical company in the world. Also, the United Nations recognized Emanuel Lulin as a pioneer in Sustainable development.

Nicholas Kraff’s background

Nicholas Kraff is the Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oréal. Before he joined the company, he worked for four other finance companies. For instance, while in Europe, he was its General Deputy manager.

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January 15, 2019

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