Bridget Scarr’s Career Success in Exclusive Writing and Production

Bridget Scarr is a celebrated writer and creative producer. She is highly committed to developing multi-platform intellectual and compelling content in Television, virtual reality interactive exhibitions, and augmented reality. Bridget has over 15 years of active participation and experience in animation, television, and advertisement. She has previously managed large groups of up to 220 people in creative development and technical production output.


Bridget’s focus is on lifestyle, factual entertainment programming, spanning drama, and children’s animation among others. She serves as the head at Colibri Studios in content development, partnership, and strategies. Bridget also is directly involved in daily development in collaboration with other project partners, creative talents, and international broadcasters in implementing projects.


While working as a television producer, Bridget mainly worked to bring other people’s ideas to life. Following her career change, she later concentrated on developing her own ideation. Colibri enabled her to tap into her exclusive skills in Marketing, Business Strategy, Brand Communication, Partnership Development, Digital Media, Content Creation, Television Production, Business Management, Creative Development, Events Organization, Production, Project Execution, Partnership Marketing, Project Planning, Creative Direction, Strategic Partnerships, and Virtual Reality.


Bridget runs on a busy schedule with her family and office duties. She spends quality times with her family every day besides her official responsibilities and projects. Bridget has a multidimensional approach to all her projects regardless of the inspiration behind them. She is thorough in identifying the right partners for every project she undertakes. This skill enables her to work conveniently and deliver projects within the stipulated time frames.


Virtual reality push to tap into technological solutions particularly in education and health thrills Bridget and inspires her. She is also keen to invest in limitless possibilities and powerful projects that come with powerful technology.


As an entrepreneur, Bridget is fond of taking time out to share with other people. This habit has continually nurtured her creativity and scope of ideas. Spending quality time with others has equally enabled her to connect with the real world and meaningfully benefit from them.


Bridget started off her career with enthusiasm and trust in her own abilities. She regularly meditates in the morning, a routine that makes her energized for the rest of her day. Her first business collapsed as a result of financial constraints, but even then she continued to come up with better ideas. According to Bridget, technology should make our lives simpler and better. In her book “Destressfying,” Bridget clearly outlines the need to empower oneself to realize long-lasting peace of mind.


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October 30, 2017

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