Securus Technology Building Better Management Systems for Correctional Agencies

For over 30years, Securus Technologies has provided technology based solutions for monitoring, investigations, public safety, biometric analysis, and corrections. The products and services by Securus Technologies are available to over 3,450 correctional, public security and law enforcement facilities and over 1.2 million inmates in North America. The company has also enabled in-mate self-service, communication, information sharing, and incident management. Securus Technologies’ primary objective is to assure safety and connections when it matters.


Before 2007, the Securus Technologies only offered inmate telecommunications services. The company later diversified to include government service and advanced technology software products. Today their product offerings include jail management software, money transfer services, video visitation services, data analytics, telecom services, healthcare and education apps, biometric voice solutions, wireless containment solutions and GPS monitoring. Securus Technologies invested up to 605 million dollars, acquired patents and partnered with other organizations to expand further.


In making decisions for expansion or product development, the company consults various stakeholders in the industry including inmates and their friends and family. Securus Technologies has built networks with the law enforcement workers and regularly interacts with their customers to get feedback and source ideas on how they can improve the lives through service delivery. The company resolves to increase safety and efficiency, reduce recidivism and ensure a smooth transition for the inmates into society.


The inclusion of other stakeholders in decision making has resulted in better service and relationships. Securus received several feedback emails from the people who use their products and services commending them on their efforts to improve communication, safety, efficiency and connecting them with the real world. Other emails lauded Securus Technologies for consistent innovation, providing reliable and all-round equipment, making security a priority and putting the interests of inmates and families at heart.


Securus Technologies upholds their social responsibility of increasing inmate education, mitigating and solving social problems, making safety facilities work better and cutting the rates of recidivism. In the future, the company expects changes in technology to influence the management of civil and criminal justice.


September 21, 2017

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Police Officers Will Continue To Use Products Provided By Securus Technologies

After using Securus Technologies products and services for a few years, police officers from all across the country have recently stated that they are sticking with Securus Technologies. The main product that made police officers make this decision is LBS. LBS is a program that allows police officers to track a physical location every time an inmate calls a cell phone.


Before LBS, inmates would call cell phones, bu it was just about impossible to track the location of the cell phone. Even when a breakthrough was reached, many cell phones were registered in different states or even different countries. This made stopping criminal activity extra hard on police officers.


With LBS, police officers can track a specific location, regardless of where the phone is registered. This has led to the arrest of thousands of people. More importantly, police officers have confiscated millions of dollars in drugs and weapons as a result of LBS.


Securus Technologies is thrilled that this technology is working so well. Securus has also vowed to intensify LBS. They plan to add more features to the software program, hoping to make it easier for law enforcement officials to use. They also want to hear from police officers to get suggestions on what they can do to make the software easier to use.


Moreover, Securus Technologies has also vowed to stay neutral, as it relates to inmates and law enforcement officials. Securus Technologies does not want to show favoritism to either law enforcement officials or inmates. Securus made it clear that it exists for all people, and it exists to help the system as a whole.


Law enforcement officials and inmates alike have shown great respect for Securus Technologies making that kind of statement. Both sides have used Securus products and have been satisfied with the results.


April 11, 2017

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Enhancing the Civil and Criminal Justice through Sophisticated Technical Solutions

For more than three decades, Securus Technologies has been a leading provider of technology used in jail facilities. Their perfect technical solutions are utilized in an investigation, biometric analysis, communication and many more services that are used by prison officers, detainees, and inmate’s family members.


Unlike other service providers, Securus Technologies provides cutting edge technology that suits the needs of the modern World. Some of their products include video visitation kiosks, mobile applications and communication gadgets that comply with security and privacy policies required within the civil and criminal justice industry. To date, Securus Technologies has launched more than 800 products.


Recently, Securus Technologies improved its inmate video visitation from a mere communication channel to a more sophisticated technology that makes a prisoner feel at home. In the latest technology, inmates can follow up on various live events occurring outside prison such as live music concerts. This feature also enables the inmate to attend important family events such as weddings and birthday parties via live video feeds.


The new video visitation supports high definition graphics, and an inmate can get involved in an activity by giving views and even cheering up their loved ones. The technology allows family members to schedule a visitation from the comfort of their home using a computer or a tablet. This technological improvement from Securus is among other scheduled communication upgrades that would be made to the correctional facilities’ communication systems.


Securus Technologies has been actively involved in the rehabilitation process of more than a million inmates held in correctional facilities located across North America. The company’s technology aids in reducing recidivism and preparing inmates to fit into their communities after they complete their prison sentences.


Securus’ communication technologies are used in communication between prisoners and their family members. In addition to the ability to link inmates to the outside world, Securus has also designed various mobile applications that are used for an inmate’s educational purposes and religious activities. The applications are not only used to enhance the inmates’ welfare but are also used to improve public safety.


To improve their service delivery, Securus Technologies works with more than 1000 experts with a solid technical background to help them in designing advanced technology. Moreover, Securus Technologies has made various acquisitions to team up their effort. This is the reason why Securus is the leading company serving more than 3450 civil and criminal justice facilities based in North America.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

October 3, 2016

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