Waiakea Water Is Clean, Wholesome And From A Volcano

There are a lot of toxic water sources. It is without a doubt that if you drink from some water sources, you are going to get sick either in the short term, the long term or both. Bad water sources will make you an unhappy camper. Also, a lot of water sources taste bad. Many taste good, but that still doesn’t mean that they are of high quality. There are plenty of shameful water sources that are polluted with all kinds of things. Whether or not your local water wells are good is really a roll of the dice, because sometimes it is difficult or impossible to figure out whether the water in a given area has been tainted. The problem is very complex, because it is a question of how polluted an area is, why it is polluted, what the pollutants are and how far the pollution has traveled. Sometimes, it is impossible because such pieces of information may not have been documented, or may exist in some hard-to-get-to file somewhere. You may not even know where to look. People who know where to look may not tell you where to look.

Waiakea Water is here to act as a substitute for people’s local water wells by providing fresh, volcanic water in bottles. The water was found on a man’s property in Hawaii. The man who owned the property was the uncle of the founder, Ryan Emmons. The water doesn’t just taste good—it will not make you sick in the short or long terms. So, there is nothing being covered up by aesthetic; true quality is there.

Waiakea water is the definition of pure. The land that it is on has not been used and abused. That is why the water is truly healthy and tasty. Humans have not had the opportunity to dump and poison it, so it is still very pristine. Anybody who has the chance to live there is lucky, because the place is very beautiful. Waiakea Water is also alkaline, making it mesh well with the human body’s chemistry.


October 15, 2018

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