Brian Bonar Transitions To The Business Of Food

The food and restaurant industry is quite a large one, and every major city in America has quite a powerful foodie culture. Brian Bonar has left the world of finance to pursue a life of food, and he has fallen in love with San Diego in the process. This article talks about how Brian shares his love of food with the city, and it shares his passion for a particular style of cuisine. He is bringing a new atmosphere to San Diego, it’s vacationers and it’s citizens.

#1: How Did Brian Start In The Food World?

Brian Bonar is a native of Scotland, and he has been in America for quite some time as he shares the food of his youth with those around him. He has loved French food since his younger days when he was able to travel and eat the food of the culture just across the channel. He has taught himself to cook the food he loves, and he has an opinion on how the food should be shared. He has hired two lovely chefs to run his two restaurants, and he brings quite a lot of credibility to the table.

#2: Brian’s Two Restaurants

Brian started Bellamy’s in downtown Escondido and The Ranch at Bandy Canyon outside the city. Both are located close to San Diego, and he is drawing the foodie crowd who wants to see his food up close. The food made in each restaurant is a bit lighter than heavy French food of the great restaurants of Paris, and his customers will feel a bit of the influence of the sun in the San Diego area.

#3: Why Is The Ranch At Bandy Canyon Important?

Bandy Canyon is a large event hall that may be used for anything from a wedding to a fundraiser. Brian wishes to serve dinner every night, and he wants to leave the space open to lovely events that will feature the food he loves so much.

Brian Bonar knows it is quite important everyone at an event has a good time, and he believes food is a large part of their good time. He would prefer to help those at events to create better memories, and food often plays a large part in that.

Those who are interested in French food will find Brian Bonar to be quite illuminating, and they may visit either of his restaurants to learn his take the cafe food of his youth. he wants to see everyone sitting at the bar at Bellamy’s getting to know each other, and he is ready to host events in his ranch house where there is space for everyone who wishes to have a night of fun and frivolity.

January 22, 2017

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