How to Beat the Fantasy Football Rankings with 3 WR Sleeper Draft Picks

Whether you’re preparing for your first fantasy football league draft, or already have your lineup picked, you need to have a good roster of wide receivers. Since there are usually double the number of wide outs who contribute on a weekly basis, the stockpile of potential sleepers is traveling under the fantasy football rankings radar, is double that of all other positions.



However, you’re objective still should be to snag the most productive pass catchers you can from this list. One of the high-end potential sleepers is, Pittsburgh’s reinstated Martavis Bryant. Statistically, before his suspension last year, Bryant was anything but a sleeper. Keep in mind the WR1/WR2 quality numbers he put up previously.



When he was healthy and active, hauling in passes from Ben Roethlisberger, Bryant was a threat every week and pushed the edge of WR1 ratings. Don’t let him slip too far down the draft board, because this is a projection where the fantasy football rankings may prove inaccurate.



When you navigate your way down the fantasy football rankings looking for other potential sleepers, keep in mind a pair of possibilities who are also slipping under the draft radar.



Pierre Garcon caught over a 100 balls in 2013, and surpassed 1,000 receiving yards last year for the Redskins. He is now paired with another sleeper, 49ers strong-armed quarterback Brian Hoyer. The 49ers offensive prowess may surprise the experts, and Garcon is the main man in San Francisco. He could easily amass WR1 numbers in 2017, while falling past the middle rounds in your draft.



Bryant and Garcon are both veterans, so there are going to be astute fantasy team owners watching them in your draft. However, the third sleeper WR you may consider is a rookie in the Ram’s offense. Cooper Kupp, has to be one of the coolest names in the NFL, is going undrafted in nearly 100 percent of the mock drafts.



Be mindful he as a PPR giant in a ball-control offense in college. Los Angeles will be limiting second-year QB Jared Goff to short strikes, a specialty that Kupp has proven talents. They also have developed an excellent rapport in preseason, making Kupp a sneaky sleeper in the late rounds of your draft.



Most average draft positions ADPs, have Bryant falling to a mid-round selection and Garcon a round or two later. Don’t feel you’re compromising your potential success, by taking them ahead of other WR2s. When you do your draft homework, you can beat the fantasy football rankings by uncovering overlooked veteran sleepers.


Each of these players carries a high ceiling as potential WR1 additions to your roster. If you’re skeptical about rookie pass catchers, Kupp has been staying on waiver wires post draft results. However, don’t expect him to sit there long in PPR leagues if he turns out to be a favorite target of Goff. If you roster these three receivers, by mid-season you may own three WR1s and be the envy of your league.

September 10, 2017

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