The Work-Life of David McDonald

David McDonald is executive president of OSI Group. The organization started operating in 1990 as Otto and Sons serving only Illinois. The group processes, packages, and distributes meat to restaurants and supermarkets. The group owns above 60 facilities in over 17 countries across the globe. Before becoming president, McDonald was the developing manager. OSI Group also offers job opportunities to over 20,000 workers. When growing in northeast Iowa, David McDonald grew the interest in agriculture and intended to change food processing globally positively. David McDonald received support for his quest from family and friends even though his family did not have powers regarding finance. McDonald went to Iowa University earning bachelor’s degree in animal science. As a visionary student, McDonald received the Wallace E. Outstanding Senior Award from the institution for general excellence.

The award distinguishes students with the positive attitude towards the academic commitments, take part in community participation, and intend to remain loyal to the institution as alumni. McDonald is supportive of the institution by offering internship programs to students and promoting the agricultural initiatives. The leader encourages the Alpha Gamma Rho in offering scholarship programs. His family of six children and his wife Malinda support of David McDonald in his every endeavor. McDonald’s two eldest siblings school in ISU. Also, at OSI Group, David McDonald is the chief operating officer. Recently, the leader led in the development processes to increase the production capacity of quality chicken by a double to 24,000 tons periodically.

The improvement came across due to a fast-increasing demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. The development resulted in shifting of the overall production capacity to 45,000 tons annually. Also, the improvement impacted the economy of the society through the provision of 20 more job posts. Most importantly, providing the product development manager position. The manager controls the development of current products and introduces new commodities to the company’s portfolio. The Group extends to North America by purchasing the Tyson Food Plant to show the willingness to improve services to the region. Moreover, OSI Group acquired the Flagship Europe in 2017. The recent achievement is buying of the controlling stake in Baho Food.

August 10, 2018

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The Role Played By Midas Legacy in Securing Clients’ Financial Future

Many individuals find it difficult to attain their long term financial goals. This is despite the fact that everyone wishes to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. Florida based research based company, The Midas Legacy was founded with the aim of helping entrepreneurs and private individuals to properly manage their wealth. Besides this, the firm helps its clients improve their general wellbeing. Midas Legacy does this by broadening its perspective beyond the financial aspect of its clients.

Eligibility for Enrollment

The Midas Legacy offers all-inclusive research services to anyone wishing to better his or her life. Of particular interest to the firm is individual entrepreneurs experiencing problems in the administration of their portfolios. Midas Legacy helps such investors to manage their money in a more utilitarian way. Aspiring investors can also benefit from The Midas Legacy since it offers them advisory services on how they can navigate through the challenges that face new businesses.

Any other individual who wishes to find peace inner peace, and peace with others is also welcome to The Midas Legacy. Besides this, the programs offered can help those who are ill to find natural cure to their illnesses. The firm ensures that it guides its members in their quest to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Those who have the potential to impact positively on other people’s lives are often provided with capital. This goes a long way in making the change more enduring.

How It Works

Once clients subscribe for any Midas Legacy program, they are given a free guide to positive living. The guide is commonly referred to as The Midas Code. The new members are then linked with experts in the fields of natural health, finance, real estate and entrepreneurship. Each new member is partnered with a specialist who can address his or her specific needs. The experts are well informed and highly experienced in the respective fields. This gives them the know-how to guide members on the best course of action in order for them to make their lives more fulfilling.

Midas Legacy boasts the services of some of the most renowned experts in the respective fields. These include principal editor Sean Bowe, renowned publisher and entrepreneur Jim Samson, and natural cures expert, Mark Edwards. All these individuals are experienced in their areas of specialization and therefore, have the ability to offer judicial guidance to members. The Midas Legacy is also involved in various community based projects. It has steadfastly been supporting the Florida Sheriffs Association, St. Jude Research Hospital, and the Wounded Warrior Project among others.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy:

July 15, 2016

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