American Institutes Of Architects 160 Years And Later

The American Institute of Architects has been serving its members through advocacy and information for more than 150 years. The Institute was birthed by 13 architects who saw the need of bringing uniformity in how architects operate. The 13 members wanted to enhance practical and scientific perfections of members.

The AIA currently has over 200 employees working on fulltime basis and over 90,000 members. The institute which was started to serve Americans has grown and established offices in Japan, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Europe, and United States.


Members get membership ranks according to the number of years they have been in the institute and also their academic qualifications. And the levels include International associate members, Architects members, Allied members, Emeritus members, architect members and associate members. The architect members are the ones licensed by licensing authority of the United States.



Robert Ivy joined AIA in 2011, and he has been working to implement the goals of the Institute. He challenges architects to aim at becoming better. Some of the services that AIA offers to their members include.
• Provide resources on the internet for the young professionals.
• Sponsor members to further their education and also to retain their licensure and membership.
• They award members who perform well over a given period.
• They Host an annual AIA conference for members.
• They develop programs to make the public have trust and belief on architects.
• AIA sets the standards used in the construction industry by providing members with contract documents with instructions.
• AIA is the advocate for the architects who are members.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of American Institute of Technology. He has been in that position for the last six years. He has also been working to position AIA for 21 century. Among his goals is to create public awareness on how architects work and the relevance on AIA membership. Ivy is also addressing emerging issues like the impact that architect has to the public and how the architects can cope with the challenge of climate change.

Robert was the editorial director and vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction and Architectural Record Magazine’s Editor before joining AIA. Some of the awards which he has received include the premier magazine journalism award. Alpha Rho Chi honored him for his effort to communicate the value of design in people’s lives. His competence is questionable bearing in mind that he has worked with renowned architects such as Richard Buckminster and Mies van der Rohe among others.

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December 14, 2017

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