Shervin Pishevar and his 21 hour tweet storm

When a successful investor such as Shervin Pishevar talks about the economy and current financial matters, you have to listen. This is an investor who has worked in various sectors including the stocks and therefore, he understands some of the most critical conditions that affect the country. Recently, he staged a surprising 21 hour tweet storm in which he engaged his Twitter followers on some of the issues that he thinks affect the country at the moment. Some people called it strange, but others praised it. Let us look at what this storm was all about.

His take on a possible financial crisis

Shervin Pishevar believes that most Americans are going around their daily businesses oblivious of the financial crisis that lies ahead. He sees a situation whereby the stocks will continue to plunge this making the economy to go down. In his tweets, he insinuated that the situation I almost inevitable based on his analysis. When asked about the causes of this possibility, his answer a brief one: mismanaged credit, exaggerated interest rates, and tax giveaways. He says that the government is to blame for all these mistakes.

Are government bonds the solution?

When it came to talking about the best solution to the gloomy financial situation, Shervin Pishevar said that as usual, he expects the authorities to issue government bonds. However, he says that this option is unlikely to work His reasons are that the option has been used for too long, it has lost relevance, and it is not a guarantee that it will work anymore. Therefore, he wants the departments that are responsible for making financial decisions to formulate policies that will ensure that there are better ways to look for funds.

Another situation that upsets Shervin Pishevar is the notion which Americans have long held that they have a monopoly of talent. He told his his followers that unless they change this belief, they will never make good money out of Silicone Valley the way they used to do. He told them that other countries have since developed and therefore, the superiority does not exist anymore. He says if they shift their mindset, they will find solutions to their problems.

January 30, 2019

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Marc Beer raises over $40 Million for Women

The former Chief Executive Officer of the Aegerion Pharmaceuticals named Marc Beer co-founded a new venture called Renovia Inc. This startup will move forward with some different products for pelvic disorders. They closed a $32 million round on Tuesday. In addition to that, a $10 million venture debt was also closed.

This is a medtech company based in Boston. They are now focusing on developing new therapeutic and diagnostic products. They want to come up with a cure for pelvic floor disorders. These disorders include urinary incontinence. The experts have researched these disorders and came up with an estimate of 250 million women being affected by it worldwide. The company named Renovia developed its first product, Leva. This product received approval from the FDA in April.

A healthcare investment company named The Longwood Fund also supported the MedTech company Renovia. They also joined the Series B round. It was led by Perceptive Advisors that come from New York and Ascension Ventures that are based in Missouri. The funding was made in order to help develop and test more diagnostic and therapeutic products. This also includes coming up with a new version for the Leva device.

The current CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer said that the company is very excited to have the support of such a group of companies and investors. Such companies also share the same vision which is important for developing excellent products. Mr. Beer gave a statement saying that combining Renovia’s innovative technology with digital health platforms will give people valuable products. This will pave the way for new treatment options. The research will provide more knowledge about such pelvic disorders. Ultimately, this will decrease healthcare costs.

Marc Beer started this venture, Renovia, after leaving the Aegerion Pharmaceuticals back in 2015. Mr. Beer has also worked as a consultant at the Ova Science.

About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is serving as the current President of the International Court Administration. He is also a member of the Commercial Dispute Taskforce and The Innovation Working Group. Learn more:

Mr. Beer is current Chairman of the Global Legal Action Network. He has served as the CEO of Dubai internarial Finance Center and Registrar at the DIFC Courts. In addition to all that, he also works as the advisor for the Board of Resolve Disputes Online. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn

Marc Beer has the honor of studying at both Manchester Grammar School and the King Edward’s School as well. He graduated in Law from the University of Oxford in the 90s. He was the captain of the Trinity College Rugby Union.

The Arabian named him as the Top 50 most influential Brits.

December 14, 2018

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