How Reputation Management Can Rescue Your Corporate Image

Status Labs is a reputation management company located in Austin, Texas. Recently the company was forced to repair and manage its own reputation. Because of the actions of a former executive, from a non company sponsored event Status Labs was pulled into the arena of negative press. A small local news article was quickly transformed into an event covered by national media.

Since 2012 Status Labs helped save the reputations of over 1150 clients. Not everyone has a positive view of online reputation management. Status Labs views online reputation management as a vital part of any corporate business plan. As public relations management continues to grow in the digital world, the demand will continue to grow for reputation management.

To insure a change in reputation management, one must change the behavior that caused the negative press. A lot of times this may involve terminating the individual who caused the incident that damaged the company’s reputation. A change in leadership was necessary at Status Labs. The executive that caused the incident was fired. The information was dispersed by using a press release. Ultimately a new picture of the corporate management was released to the press. Throughout the rebuilding process, the executives at Status Labs realized to maintain their reputation they need to be more involved with the community. A positive impression in the community can easily offset the negative actions of one employee. To boost a positive image it’s always important to post community activities on your website and Facebook page.

Sometimes the most damaging effect from negative press is the impact on the remaining employees. At times employees may exit the company depending on the nature of the negative press. If the negative press is really bad, employees may no longer want to be associated with negative corporate image. Employee morale is important when rebuilding the corporate reputation. Many corporations have employee outings to improve morale. Some have weekly meetings with employees to allow all employees to discuss any concerns or issues.

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May 25, 2016

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