Shiraz Boghani Succeeds In His Career

Shiraz Boghani has outshined many in the hospitality business to become one of the most outstanding people in the sector. Other entrepreneurs interested in venturing into the business can now learn from him because he has been working successfully in the sector for over three decades. Currently, he serves as the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, a company that is known for providing some of the best services in the world. He also owns a range of hotels in the UK. He runs hotels successfully because he is passionate about what he does. He is also an established accountant apart from venturing into the hotel business.

Shiraz Boghani is also outstanding because he has been in the forefront helping others to establish their businesses. He has many years of experience and uses this experience to guide those who are venturing in the business. He has helped many to kick-start their careers in countries like the UK and Asia. It is not easy to achieve success in business. Hard work must come along, and that is what has helped Shirazi Boghani to succeed in his activities. After serving in the industry for decades, he knows what it takes to make a business successful.

Shiraz Boghani has become reputable through establishing successful businesses and helping others in the society to live better lives. Other entrepreneurs look up to him because they can see what he has achieved. His outstanding work has been noticed by various organizations, and that is why he was recently honored as the best hotelier. He got the Asian Business Award for his capacity to manage and run many hotels in various parts of the world.

Through the Splendid Group, Shiraz Boghani has shown he is capable of running a company through his management skills. Since the firm started, it has become famous because of providing excellent services to people. Most notable individuals who have visited the company have noted it is one of the best. Shiraz Boghani is the man behind the success of this company. He also wants to see others live good lives and that is why he has contributed to many charitable organizations.

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July 21, 2018

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Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Beats The Economic Crisis In Brazil

Manaira Shopping, the largest shopping mall in Brazil, was able to weather the economic crisis in the country, thanks to the business acumen of Roberto Santiago, its owner. Amidst the crisis, Santiago’s shopping center did not stop growing. The growth that the segment experienced in 2015 was sustained by the company while other institutions were feeling the economic crunch. This is a testament to the style of management and the vision of Santiago.



With a total leasable area of 75 thousand square meters, Manaira Shopping is among the five biggest shopping centers in Paraiba, Brazil. The commercial center has continuously reinvented itself and this seems to be the secret by which it was able to overcome the economic crisis plaguing the country. Another factor that might have strengthened its ability to wear out the financial crunch is the increased activity of the consumers patronizing Manaira Shopping. The Household Consumption Intention revealed that the money spent in shopping malls have increased three times. As proof, the record shows that in 2015, Manaira Shopping in particular, registered a movement of approximately 2 million people.



All of these accomplishments can be largely contributed to the financial wizardry of its owner, Roberto Santiago. Santiago’s birth date is July 1958. He went to Pio X-Marist College for his basic education. It is in Joao Pessoa’s University Center where he got his training in business education and earned his Business Administration degree. Santiago then put his business education to test and the rest is history.



He bought the land where Manaira Shopping is now standing in 1987. It took two years to develop the commercial center. The shopping mall opened its doors to eager consumers in 1989. The whole place is filled with establishments and things that are designed to please the wishes of all types of consumers. Since the place is mainly a big shopping center, it is packed with several shopping stores. For the movie buffs, there is a theater. Gamers can get their excitement at the gaming area. Those who are culturally inclined can enjoy the shows at the mall’s rooftop concert hall.



If people get tired and hungry shopping or just plainly enjoying the place, they can refresh themselves in the commercial center’s food court. They can choose several options, depending on their budget. There are several fast food stores in the place and a number of fine dining restaurants. For those who are looking to enhance their physique, there is a gym that will cater to their needs. Shoppers who get short of cash can go to one of the several financial institutions inside the shopping center for help. There is even a college inside the premises. With Santiago at the helm, and despite economic crunches, Manaira Shopping mall is bound to grow even more.

February 5, 2018

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You can Do It Too with Market America

Believe in the future, because your life is a part of it. America was founded on living the dreams we seek and making dreams into realities, or at least it always has been. In this new age of information, nothing should be more simple to create for ourselves. We have the technology to create almost anything we can imagine. Just look online, people are doing it everyday. Why can’t you do it too?

Well you can do it, here is how.

Anyone who reads, surfs or blogs on the Internet can be quite overwhelmed with the many companies claiming they can lead people to financial success. Well, Market America is changing all of that for Americans and people all around the country. They are doing this by making dreams happen and teaching people how to be successful.

Attending one of the regional conferences of events sponsored by the company is the best way to get started. At Market America events and conference, people are making the friendships that build powerful networking. Using these, anyone can start changing everything for their financial life.

Don’t think about what you haven’t done so far, rather think about what lies ahead and how you can achieve it now. This is the first step to being in charge of your life and your financial future. Anyone can change their destiny, but not everyone knows where to start. That is what most Americans need, just a little information and a chance to better themselves.

At Market America, we believe in making dreams happened by finding like minded people to connect with. Market America shows people how to use modern age technology and grounded business models, so that anyone can become a success in their own lifetime. Everybody deserves the best in life and Market America is a great starting point.

Market America understands that being someone who is seeking to raise their own standards, this is something challenging. But anything worth doing should be a challenge. Getting what you want out of life is a rewarding thing, but doing it is the reality that leads to a lifetime of accomplishment.

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December 18, 2017

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The Highly-Successful Bid of Roberto Santiago in Shopping Mall Industry

Even though the Brazilian economy is going through turmoil in the recent years, there is one industry that did not seem to be bothered by the slowdown. It is none other than the shopping malls in the country as the segment showcased nearly 6.5% in the year 2015, contrary to the slowdown expectation. The trend is visible across the country, and it is highest in Paraíba considering the travelers and growing expectations of the citizens of the state. People who are doubted about the growth of shopping mall industry should see the growing revenue and expansion plans of Manaira Shopping, the biggest shopping mall in the state.


The shopping mall founded by Brazilian entrepreneur Roberto Santiago has not stopped anywhere since it opened in the year 1989. It has gone through a minimum five major facility expansion plans in the later years with many minor developments. Santiago was analytical about the growing visitors to the shopping mall, and he thought of engaging the people with the latest trends in shopping, entertainment, services, dining, and more. The shopping mall now covers a total built-up area of 135,000 square meters and provides parking for over 3,000 vehicles. The footfall into the shopping mall goes up year after year, and latest information suggests nearly 20 million people visit the mall in a year. Santiago’s strategies and visions helped the shopping mall to become the hottest shopping destination in the state.


The shopping mall offers excellent recreational, shopping, and dining options for all the visitors. It contains more than 200 fashion outlets from all the major national and international brands. It also has excellent dining choices with both exotic and native food choices including a large food court. The shopping mall also hosts all the major fast food networks in the world, and Santiago is specific about adding new tastes to the mall. With decades of investments, he converted the mall into an ideal place for both young individuals and families for hangouts. While the shopping industry has displayed excellent growth, the tremendous footfall of Manaira Shopping is contributed by the visionary leadership of Roberto Santiago.


When it comes to entertainment, Manaira Shopping provides multiplex theaters, game stations, play area, and more. The Cinépolis multiplex has 11 screens with two of them are 3D-enabled. Interestingly, the screens offer highest movie-watching experience with state-of-the-art projection technology, VIP rooms, interactive Stadium System of seating, and more. The shopping mall also contains over 200 gaming machines, and that is engaging and entertaining the needs of all the ages. For the fitness freaks, the shopping mall offers a gymnasium with all the major equipment and highly trained staff. It also has an entertainment hall called Domus Hall with a capacity of 8,000 people – an ideal location for art exhibitions, fairs, receptions, and more.



November 30, 2017

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OSI Group’s Expanding Global Food Markets

While much of the food industry can seem like a large group of regional or national companies, more and more American companies are making their footprint expanded to other countries. That is the case with OSI Group which has expanded their successful operation platform across the globe. While their base is in Aurora Illinois, the company has expanded their operations to having 50 facilities in 17 different countries with more underway.

The company focus has been on providing high quality meat and vegetable products to markets all over the globe. In each country, the focus is predominantly based on food and culture requirements as each country dietary focuses are significantly different. In the United States, the focus for the company revolves a great deal around packaging and preparing food items such as beef patties and sausage links as well as frozen pizza and pre-prepared foods like sandwiches, to retail companies and foodservice companies.

The company has learned through research and marketing data that making an impact on the food industries of the world requires a close study of cultural food trends. In each region of the world, OSI has learned that the dietary mainstays vary based on tradition, culture and economics. Based on the knowledge they acquire; the company has done very well marketing to each region the items that are of particular importance to that region of the world.

Growing Global Markets

In China another leading market expansion for OSI, the focus has been on poultry which has a takes up a significant part of the meat market for that country. This is because the Chinese consume an enormous amount of poultry which is a mainstay in their diet. Presently, the company has opened two new facilities in China which now makes them the largest poultry provider in the nation.

By contrast, in Poland, several years ago OSI Group took over and revamped a beef processing plant that is in line with the country’s beef consumption. In addition, in 2013 India OSI Group opened a new frozen foods processing plant in the city of Madanapalle. The food plant’s primary focus is in keeping with cultural food norms for the region and focuses on the manufacturing of vegetable products that cater both to fast-food-service restaurants and retail grocers of India.

In Hungary, OSI Food Solutions recently added a bulk capacity production line. The focus was in building a larger cold storage facility in Bábolna for expansion capacity of their chicken products. The new $25 million addition allowed the company to triple the production capacity of their quality processed chicken products to a total of 22,000 tons annually. Back in America, OSI recently opened a new plant in Geneva, Ill. that produces name brand as well as private-labeled brand frozen entrées.

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November 25, 2017

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There is Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Qualities First Holdings is a Financial foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana. The address of the affiliation together is 10 w reveal st 3050. In the event that you expected that would finish the union you would have the capacity to call them at 317-429-3500. The union together is known for giving secretaries that are propped in crediting for of each kind affiliations what’s truly the individual money related star. The advances gave depend on examinations that the help makes. The joint effort looks credit or finical open range see which is the best, while measuring peril verses change. The union respects stocks, security, and treasuries issues for a specific everything considered spellbinding ‘ol kept concentrate to make their examinations on the cash related air. The joint exertion began from Indiana in mid 2002. Beginning now and into the not to a surprising degree cleared the union have could credit a wide number of individuals’ securities with a specific obsession for them to be better profited related future. The structure now has a satellite office in New York City where the sharp business neighborhood. To know more about the company click here.

October 26, 2017

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Equities First Holding for Wikipedia

The individual and business finance lender, Equities First Holdings, LLC, maintains offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Switzerland, with its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. All of these offices are individually owned and managed subsidiaries. There are a wide variety of investors involved in each of these subsidiaries. Since its founding in 2002, EFH has been dealing out funds for clients based on its assessment of the risk factors involved in their specific project. Since that time, it has completed over 700 transactions worth a total of more than $1.4 billion. Visit for more information. As big as it already is right now, EFH is expected to grow astronomically in the coming years.

October 19, 2017

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Exemplary Success at JHSF Under the Leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto

JHSF is a prominent real estate company that was first established in 1972 as JHS. The company is particularly focused on real estate development, hospitality, gastronomy, hotels, and shopping center operations. Of interest to note is that JHSF majors in high-income market segments characterized by incomes that highly recur. The company dominates in several markets that include Brazil, Uruguay, and America.

JHSF is renowned as the first company in Brazil that highly prioritizes recurrent income assets. Their concentration in shopping mall operations, hotels, airports, and real estate industry also show their popularity in the market. For the record, the company has managed to build structures that cover over six million square meters. JHSF registered a stock market value of R $ 1.20 billion in 2017.

JHSF was first established by two brothers, Jose Roberto Auriemo and Fabio. The primary goal of the company was incorporation services and construction. The company later split in 1990 changing its name from JHS to JHSF. As a result, Fabio remained at the helm of the business’s real estate operations. After attaining impressive growth rates, the company resolved to expand its niche of operations to shopping malls. Aged 27, Jose AuriemoNeto took over the company after two years of operations.

Through Auriemo’s leadership, the company successfully launched CidadeJardim complex, one of the prominent and luxurious structures in the country. Apart from its primary purpose as a mall, Cidade also consists of nine prestigious towers in the high-end of condominium park city garden. The complex also has three commercial towers that are often referred to as city garden corporate center. The company managed to acquire a large stake in Fasano Group hotels in 2007 and fully controlled the hotel in 2014.

Jose AuriemoNeto has consistently served as the Chief Executive Officer at JHSF Par since 2003. He first joined the company in 1993 and introduced the services department in 1997, by establishing a parking lot management company, Parkbem. Jose was also the Chief Executive Officer at JHSF Participacoes SA between 2006 and 2014. He also served the company’s board of executive officers.


September 9, 2017

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George Soros: A Champion for the liberal media

In a recent article for Politico George Soros, who was on a hiatus of sorts from political spending, George re-emerged from the shadows to make a large donation to the Clinton campaign and other democratic PACS in excess of $20 million. George had previously vowed to scale back on his political spending after contributing a fortune to thwart Bush 2004 but felt he had to help those who could not resist the temptation of Trumps outlandish promises. Through his political and monetary influence George Soros is fighting for the rights that the Republicans seek to terminate.George Soros has dedicated his life to getting it right. Injustice is a word he would love to see erased from our collective minds. George grew up in Hungary and understood the challenges that minorities faced from an early age.

George grew up in Hungary during the second world war (under Nazi occupation) and as such was barred from school because of his ethnicity. On his arrival in America, he sought to make a name for himself in business and politics. What’s more, attending the London School of Economics, aptly prepared him as he embarked on an investment career that has spanned the course of 60 years.George Soros has always and will always fight injustice wherever he finds it and is lucky enough to have the funds to support such matters. Among the countless organizations that George supports is Media Matters for America. The group is a web based nonprofit organization that seeks to correct misinformation given by conservative media.

The group is a bastion of respected media, and they are the kind of group that disavowed fake news and holds the populous media to task. George Soros stands for credibility and transparency, which is what makes him the perfect spokesman for the black lives matter schism in America in the post-Ferguson Missouri climate.The world needs more people like George Soros to help it keep the checks and balances. Moreover, the world needs his generosity. To date, George Soros has donated millions over the years to various charities, PACS, and other deserving causes, all of which he does without the need or desire for reward. George Soros is a selfless philanthropist and the world would be a better place if everyone else followed his fine example of what it is to be a loving and compassionate human being.

September 2, 2017

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Why Have Dallas Home Prices Recovered to Pre-2008 Levels?

Dallas is truly blessed with great weather, natural resources and people. It also continues to lead the country in job growth. Did the November 2016 Texas Bankers Association Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference discuss why Dallas home prices have recovered, so quickly?


Business Friendly Environment


The State of Texas has continued to provide a number of business friendly incentives, allowing it to attract migration from other states. These include sensible tax rates, a business-friendly environment and job creation. These are all pillars of the same wise economic strategy.


In 2015, Dallas was rated as America’s most business friendly town. While manufacturing jobs have gone overseas, energy sector jobs have continued to stay in the country. These energy firms offer well-paid positions, which results in executives looking for luxury housing.


Texas is considered to be a low-tax state. High taxes can lead to bankruptcy – see the State of Illinois – as resources are devoted to unproductive bureaucracy and red tape. In Texas, more money is devoted to productivity.


Innovative Banking Products


Texas banks recycle profits into housing, education and business productivity. The pro-active strategy of NexBank CEO John Holt in discussing “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation,” ensures that solutions are developed before problems arise. This allows for the community to continue to grow without any obstacles.


NexBank is a perfect example of diversification because it offers mortgages, student financing and commercial loans. This ensures that the factors of productivity all have access to plenty of capital.


People love Dallas, Texas. The city works and continues to solve its problems. The state has created a business-friendly climate. Dallas provides what the people need and that is why 93.9% of its home prices have recovered to pre-2008 levels.


July 30, 2017

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