Alastair Borthwick Made History In The Outdoors

There are many figures who have led lives of adventure in Scotland and Alastair Borthwick is one of them. Not only did he experience a lot as an outdoorsman in his own country, but he also served his country and their allies in the military during a time of war. These experiences gave him a lot to write and talk about during his time as a broadcaster and writer. He was known for his ability to really show the depth of the human condition that he was able to see in different areas and situations around the world.

When Alastair Borthwick wrote of his experiences, he showed an honest portrayal of the things that he saw around him and the stories that were told to him. He didn’t try to sugarcoat what was going on in the world and instead showed both the beauty and the ugly side of life. While he was able to write about a lot of the triumphs that he experienced and witnessed, he also saw and survived failure. While these moments may not have been the best memories that he had, he knew that they were important to share with the world.

During the first part of his career, Alastair Borthwick was a writer before entering the world of broadcasting as well. While he may have been one of the biggest names in Scotland when it came to writing about the world of climbing, he never did it to try to become rich and famous. He had a love for the subject and his passion for it shone through in his work. His first book, Always A Little Further is still selling well to this day and it is known as an important part of the sport of climbing’s history.

At 16, he took a position at a local newspaper taking down what correspondents said over the phone. His talent was noticed at the Glasgow Herald and he quickly rose through the ranks at the small paper to become a writer. While he may have moved on to bigger publications, he always had a place in his heart for the paper.

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December 30, 2018

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