The Work of Sightsavers

Sightsavers is a health organization that is dedicated to help people deal with various health problems. The primary concern of Sightsavers is the eyesight of people. One thing that they understand is that a lot of people are vulnerable to losing their eyesight all throughout the world. While eyesight does fade with age for most people, there are certain parts of the world that are more vulnerable to loss of sight than others. One particular area is Nigeria. More people are vulnerable to blindness than in other parts of the world because there are infections that are happening in that country.


One of the causes of blindness that Sightsavers recognizes as one of the leading causes in the world is Trachoma. This is one of the causes that starts out as an infection. As with many different infections, it is important to treat this before it causes any major damages. In the case of Trachoma, the person who is infected needs to get treatment as soon as possible. If it is allowed to go on, then the person will lose his eyesight. Fortunately, the treatments that are available are very effective for people who are suffering from Trachoma.


Sightsavers is very knowledgeable about the different diseases they can help with. Another thing that can be said about Sightsavers is that they are passionate about reaching people that they need to treat. They look for communities that they want to engage with more so that they will be able to adequately treat every disease. One community that they are trying to treat more is Nigeria because they are among the most vulnerable people. One thing they know about blindness is that there are some infections that can cause cases of blindness that can’t be reversed. Sightsavers aims to prevent as many of those cases as they can.

June 28, 2018

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PSI-Pay And Kerv Partnership Revolution

When we talk about contactless payments, then PSI-Pay is the organization leading this way. This contactless provider is among the Fintech companies which are regulated by the government of Britain Financial conduct authority. The firm has been providing the payment card conveniences together with consumers that are located in the United Kingdom and also rest of the world. It is in recent time that PSI-Pay that has come into partnership with Kerv, which is another organization that is leading in the innovative payments industry. The most popular product is the contactless payment ring from Kerv.


PSI-Pay has been staffed with professionals that have extensive experience in the alternative banking and it has been able to provide its services both international and local business from 2007. it has been operating on policy clarity, transparency, and efficiency. PSI-Pay was licensed by FCA in 2011, which was under the European Union money regulations where it could enable supply of electronic money. It has now the ability to provide electronic money all over European Union where it has cohesively provided the prepaid accounts and they are being used by more than 170 nations in the world.


It is from 2009 where PSI-Pay has been enrolled at the master card principle member, and it has allowed them to issue the contactless PayPass programs, debit, prepaid and virtual cards to individuals and also organizations globally. In addition, it has also been able to offer the services of MasterCard directly to the European Union and it is now more than 10 years.


The company is also looking to empower with other partners so that they can do the best in banking field that is alternatively ever-growing. This is because, since 2004, it has offered the services of MasterCard in a direct way through the EU. It means that there is regulation of activities especially the corporate partners: who are associating with the payment card programs, protecting the quality, marketing, sales and distribution that are associated with the PSI-Pay name.


Kerv, which is an affiliate of PSI-Pay is recognized for offering contactless payment ring and it launched its partnership with PSI-Pay. It is for the first of its kind, which is the ring that has transaction powers and its a great alternative to carrying of cash or even credit cards to make payment of either goods or services. Ecopayz has been a secure online payment service which allows the user to spend, receive and send money internationally.

June 20, 2018

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Benefits Of Choosing A Reputable Investment Firm

Are you looking for the right team to help you get started in the investing industry? Then get in touch with Highland Capital and find out how this reliable firm can assist you.

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In today’s financial marketplace, it is imperative to have a well-maintained portfolio. As an individual investor striving to achieve success in the investment field, you need to know how to have a good understanding of how things work in the industry.

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There are many investment professionals and financial management firms out there offering investment and financial management solutions and related advice. It is extremely important to do your homework before choosing any advisor or firm to provide you with financial advice or guidance. You’ll want to go with a company which has an established history of providing excellent service to clients.


Highland Capital is your clear choice when it comes to investing, wealth building and money management. The company has been around for a long time and is considered a leader in the industry.

Their honesty, integrity and dedication to providing outstanding service have played a big role in their success. These experts take the time to understand their client’s financial status and design an investment portfolio that meets their needs.

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June 17, 2018

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