The Highly-Successful Bid of Roberto Santiago in Shopping Mall Industry

Even though the Brazilian economy is going through turmoil in the recent years, there is one industry that did not seem to be bothered by the slowdown. It is none other than the shopping malls in the country as the segment showcased nearly 6.5% in the year 2015, contrary to the slowdown expectation. The trend is visible across the country, and it is highest in Paraíba considering the travelers and growing expectations of the citizens of the state. People who are doubted about the growth of shopping mall industry should see the growing revenue and expansion plans of Manaira Shopping, the biggest shopping mall in the state.


The shopping mall founded by Brazilian entrepreneur Roberto Santiago has not stopped anywhere since it opened in the year 1989. It has gone through a minimum five major facility expansion plans in the later years with many minor developments. Santiago was analytical about the growing visitors to the shopping mall, and he thought of engaging the people with the latest trends in shopping, entertainment, services, dining, and more. The shopping mall now covers a total built-up area of 135,000 square meters and provides parking for over 3,000 vehicles. The footfall into the shopping mall goes up year after year, and latest information suggests nearly 20 million people visit the mall in a year. Santiago’s strategies and visions helped the shopping mall to become the hottest shopping destination in the state.


The shopping mall offers excellent recreational, shopping, and dining options for all the visitors. It contains more than 200 fashion outlets from all the major national and international brands. It also has excellent dining choices with both exotic and native food choices including a large food court. The shopping mall also hosts all the major fast food networks in the world, and Santiago is specific about adding new tastes to the mall. With decades of investments, he converted the mall into an ideal place for both young individuals and families for hangouts. While the shopping industry has displayed excellent growth, the tremendous footfall of Manaira Shopping is contributed by the visionary leadership of Roberto Santiago.


When it comes to entertainment, Manaira Shopping provides multiplex theaters, game stations, play area, and more. The Cinépolis multiplex has 11 screens with two of them are 3D-enabled. Interestingly, the screens offer highest movie-watching experience with state-of-the-art projection technology, VIP rooms, interactive Stadium System of seating, and more. The shopping mall also contains over 200 gaming machines, and that is engaging and entertaining the needs of all the ages. For the fitness freaks, the shopping mall offers a gymnasium with all the major equipment and highly trained staff. It also has an entertainment hall called Domus Hall with a capacity of 8,000 people – an ideal location for art exhibitions, fairs, receptions, and more.



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OSI Group’s Expanding Global Food Markets

While much of the food industry can seem like a large group of regional or national companies, more and more American companies are making their footprint expanded to other countries. That is the case with OSI Group which has expanded their successful operation platform across the globe. While their base is in Aurora Illinois, the company has expanded their operations to having 50 facilities in 17 different countries with more underway.

The company focus has been on providing high quality meat and vegetable products to markets all over the globe. In each country, the focus is predominantly based on food and culture requirements as each country dietary focuses are significantly different. In the United States, the focus for the company revolves a great deal around packaging and preparing food items such as beef patties and sausage links as well as frozen pizza and pre-prepared foods like sandwiches, to retail companies and foodservice companies.

The company has learned through research and marketing data that making an impact on the food industries of the world requires a close study of cultural food trends. In each region of the world, OSI has learned that the dietary mainstays vary based on tradition, culture and economics. Based on the knowledge they acquire; the company has done very well marketing to each region the items that are of particular importance to that region of the world.

Growing Global Markets

In China another leading market expansion for OSI, the focus has been on poultry which has a takes up a significant part of the meat market for that country. This is because the Chinese consume an enormous amount of poultry which is a mainstay in their diet. Presently, the company has opened two new facilities in China which now makes them the largest poultry provider in the nation.

By contrast, in Poland, several years ago OSI Group took over and revamped a beef processing plant that is in line with the country’s beef consumption. In addition, in 2013 India OSI Group opened a new frozen foods processing plant in the city of Madanapalle. The food plant’s primary focus is in keeping with cultural food norms for the region and focuses on the manufacturing of vegetable products that cater both to fast-food-service restaurants and retail grocers of India.

In Hungary, OSI Food Solutions recently added a bulk capacity production line. The focus was in building a larger cold storage facility in Bábolna for expansion capacity of their chicken products. The new $25 million addition allowed the company to triple the production capacity of their quality processed chicken products to a total of 22,000 tons annually. Back in America, OSI recently opened a new plant in Geneva, Ill. that produces name brand as well as private-labeled brand frozen entrées.

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OSI Group President David McDonald

History of David McDonald’s education and work

David McDonald was born in Lowa. He graduated from Lowa state university in 1987 with an outstanding senior award of Wallace E. Barron and animal science bachelor’s degree.

He began his work at OSI industries in Chicago. He worked here till he became the president and chief operating officer of the industry and the chairman of the North American meat institute. He initiated Agricultural Entrepreneurship at OSI through which he employed a group of students at OSI facilities in China.

How is David McDonald helping to improve OSI Group Sustainability?

David McDonald has notable improvements which have ensured sustainability of OSI group. He has launched a facility of beef processing in Poland. An up-to-date feed mill has also been erected in Shandong province as well as a frozen food processing plant in India.

David McDonald has made significant improvements in the company. This has been evident in poultry production in the Chinese market. He has launched a DaOSI which is a joint-venture in partnership with DOYOO group.

His experience in Government regulation, consumer’ taste, cultural nuances, and the talent pool has helped him penetrate other markets like Hungary and Geneva. This has led to the production of world-class products and services by OSI to its clients.

McDonald has also established a global network of in-house teams and firms. David has also ensured that every management office at the regional level has a proper understanding of the culture and perceptions of local consumers. All these have ensured sustainability of OSI group.

What did David McDonald say regarding the acquisition of baho food?

David McDonald’s said that the acquisition of baho food into the OSI industry would satisfy the taste buds of their foreign customers. This will expand the European market of the sector and intensify its presence in the local market. He further said that OSI would assimilate their operational approaches with those of baho foods to produce products that meet the standards of their processes. This will also ensure that the quality revered in the local scene is maintained.

The union of the two groups would help the firms release great success in the regions. However, baho foods will retain its employees. David said that the management team of its group will be well acquainted with the cultures and cuisine of every region. It will work to ensure an operation that caters to all these needs in the region.

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David McDonald’s Role In The Expansion Of OSI Group

As one of the top two executives at OSI Group, LLC., David McDonald is aligned with the CEO is expanding the reach of this privately held company. OSI Group has been on a rapid expansion since the 1970’s and McDonald has been a big part of this. He has spent his entire professional career at this company and over the years rose up the ladder at the company to become one of its top leaders.

Graduating from Iowa State University, David McDonald holds a degree in animal science. It was right after graduating from college that David McDonald joined OSI Group. In addition to now being the president of the company he is also the chief operating officer. Expanding beyond his role at OSI Group he also serves other positions in the food industry. He also serves as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Additionally, he works for Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as one of their Independent Directors as well as OSI International Foods for which he serves as a Director.

David McDonald started working for OSI Group in 1987. This was about 10 years after Sheldon Lavin invested in the company and as the Chief Executive Officer started expanding the company internationally. McDonald has been very active in the company greatly increasing its international presence. He was instrumental in a number of acquisitions over the year. In just the last year he handled the negotiations for two major acquisitions in Europe for OSI Group. These two deals were buying Baho Foods in the Netherlands and Flagship Europe in the UK.

OSI Group is a food processing company. The main thing they supply to their customers is protein items like beef, chicken, turkey, and seafood. Under the leadership of David McDonald they have also expanded into other food such as fruits, vegetables, sauces, marinades, and other items. Working along with Lavin he has been a large part of expanding OSI Group into Europe and Asia. His company has been operating in China, for example, for 20 years and so was one of the first American companies to see the opportunity of the huge and increasingly wealthy population of that country.

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