David McDonalds President and COO of OSI Industries

David McDonald, president and Chief Operations Officer (COO) of OSI group, was born and raised on a small farm in northeast Iowa in 1964.He attended Iowa State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He also received Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Upon graduating, he joined the OSI industries and worked his way up to become President and COO.

The OSI Group is a leading global food processing company, with over 50 facilities in 17 different countries. David McDonalds stated that In order to run smoothly, the OSI Group has employed local management groups to efficiently run and provide local solutions to arising problems according to the culture and the governance of each country. OSI has operated in China for over 20 years growing with the emerging Chinese economy. In 2013 OSI was Operating 8 factories with 2 new facilities in progress, this would later see the organization as the leading producer of poultry in the nation. In 2008 during the Olympic Games in Beijing, OSI China successfully supplied 113 tons of 5 different kinds of products including chicken, beef, pork, dehydrated onions, and eggs.

OSI group has launched an expanded production and processing facilities in different countries of the world with McDonald as its President. In September 2012, the group opened a beef-processing facility in Poland replacing an existing operation that increased the stuff by 30 percent. In January 2013 the company launched a new modern feed mill with a yearly capacity of 600,000 metric tons in Shandong province, making it one of the largest feed mills operational in China. It also opened a new frozen foods processing facility in Madanapalle, India for manufacturing of vegetable products for restaurants and retail industries in March 2012. On June the same year, the company announced opening a new facility in Geneva III., producing branded and private-labeled frozen entrees attached to another facility owned by refrigerated warehouse and distribution services company Millard.

In 2016 August, OSI group Aurora III. acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food. Baho Food is a private operating Dutch company involved in the manufacturing of meat products for the retail and food service industries. It has a history of almost 60 years operating in both Germany and Netherlands with 5 secondary companies- Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Gelderland, Q Smart Life and Henri van de Bilt providing services to more than 18 European countries. David McDonald said that acquiring Baho Food provides OSI a border existence in Europe. He also stated that Baho Food brands and products complement OSI’s processing power while expanding its capabilities to best serve the developing needs of its customers.

Learn More: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

September 30, 2017

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Securus Technology Building Better Management Systems for Correctional Agencies

For over 30years, Securus Technologies has provided technology based solutions for monitoring, investigations, public safety, biometric analysis, and corrections. The products and services by Securus Technologies are available to over 3,450 correctional, public security and law enforcement facilities and over 1.2 million inmates in North America. The company has also enabled in-mate self-service, communication, information sharing, and incident management. Securus Technologies’ primary objective is to assure safety and connections when it matters.


Before 2007, the Securus Technologies only offered inmate telecommunications services. The company later diversified to include government service and advanced technology software products. Today their product offerings include jail management software, money transfer services, video visitation services, data analytics, telecom services, healthcare and education apps, biometric voice solutions, wireless containment solutions and GPS monitoring. Securus Technologies invested up to 605 million dollars, acquired patents and partnered with other organizations to expand further.


In making decisions for expansion or product development, the company consults various stakeholders in the industry including inmates and their friends and family. Securus Technologies has built networks with the law enforcement workers and regularly interacts with their customers to get feedback and source ideas on how they can improve the lives through service delivery. The company resolves to increase safety and efficiency, reduce recidivism and ensure a smooth transition for the inmates into society.


The inclusion of other stakeholders in decision making has resulted in better service and relationships. Securus received several feedback emails from the people who use their products and services commending them on their efforts to improve communication, safety, efficiency and connecting them with the real world. Other emails lauded Securus Technologies for consistent innovation, providing reliable and all-round equipment, making security a priority and putting the interests of inmates and families at heart.


Securus Technologies upholds their social responsibility of increasing inmate education, mitigating and solving social problems, making safety facilities work better and cutting the rates of recidivism. In the future, the company expects changes in technology to influence the management of civil and criminal justice.


September 21, 2017

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Documenting the History of George Soros the Political Philanthropist

It is no brainer that George Soros is one man committed to putting social systems in check. All his life, George’s passion has been to see to it that all people live in harmony regardless of geographical location. Born in Budapest, George Soros has found his success in America, a place where he has called home for more than two decades. Although now highly successful, George Soros’ past was one filled with a lot of uncertainty. George who was born in 1930 experienced the Nazi Occupation that occurred between 1944 and 1945. At only fourteen years of age, George Soros got to see more than half a million Hungarian Jews get murdered by the Nazis, an ordeal that remains fresh in his mind.

George Soros owes his life to his parents, who amidst all the intolerance found a way of concealing their Jewish backgrounds from the Nazis. I believe that such an ordeal is what has inspired George Soros to spend more than $12 billion fighting for the rights of the oppressed. It is after moving to London that Soros found financial success and has since used his newly found fortune to create the Open Society Foundations, an organization with many affiliated groups from all over the world.

Today, George Soros’ influence gets felt in more than one hundred countries, a testament to George’s devotion to uniting the world. Thanks to Mr. Soros, democracy is no longer a fallacy but has become more of reality be it in Europe, Africa, or Asia. In recent times, George Soros has been overly concerned about how the modern society is adopting capitalistic tendencies. To this end, a significant threat to the open and democratic society looms making communities susceptible to economic exploitation.

As individualism steps in, fewer people now find the time to cooperate with their neighbors. Self-satisfaction and gain are now the order of the day and have significantly contributed to the social division we realize today. Selfishness has contributed to corruption, whereby people in high places milk public coffers dry all for personal gain. Since everyone wants to satisfy their ego and bellies, the world is now shifting to one dark place.

Soros feels like if nothing gets done soon, then civil unrest will be the order of the day. For us to salvage the situation, there will be a need for the laissez-faire form of capitalism to get reinvented so that instead of centering on individual interests, people now start working towards realizing common goals.

The time has come for us to reevaluate and analyze the free market model and come up with stringent measures that will ensure global sustainability in days to come. Looking through the keen eye of George Soros, it is evident that a lot needs to get done.

To know more visit @: www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

September 10, 2017

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How to Beat the Fantasy Football Rankings with 3 WR Sleeper Draft Picks

Whether you’re preparing for your first fantasy football league draft, or already have your lineup picked, you need to have a good roster of wide receivers. Since there are usually double the number of wide outs who contribute on a weekly basis, the stockpile of potential sleepers is traveling under the fantasy football rankings radar, is double that of all other positions.



However, you’re objective still should be to snag the most productive pass catchers you can from this list. One of the high-end potential sleepers is, Pittsburgh’s reinstated Martavis Bryant. Statistically, before his suspension last year, Bryant was anything but a sleeper. Keep in mind the WR1/WR2 quality numbers he put up previously.



When he was healthy and active, hauling in passes from Ben Roethlisberger, Bryant was a threat every week and pushed the edge of WR1 ratings. Don’t let him slip too far down the draft board, because this is a projection where the fantasy football rankings may prove inaccurate.



When you navigate your way down the fantasy football rankings looking for other potential sleepers, keep in mind a pair of possibilities who are also slipping under the draft radar.



Pierre Garcon caught over a 100 balls in 2013, and surpassed 1,000 receiving yards last year for the Redskins. He is now paired with another sleeper, 49ers strong-armed quarterback Brian Hoyer. The 49ers offensive prowess may surprise the experts, and Garcon is the main man in San Francisco. He could easily amass WR1 numbers in 2017, while falling past the middle rounds in your draft.



Bryant and Garcon are both veterans, so there are going to be astute fantasy team owners watching them in your draft. However, the third sleeper WR you may consider is a rookie in the Ram’s offense. Cooper Kupp, has to be one of the coolest names in the NFL, is going undrafted in nearly 100 percent of the mock drafts.



Be mindful he as a PPR giant in a ball-control offense in college. Los Angeles will be limiting second-year QB Jared Goff to short strikes, a specialty that Kupp has proven talents. They also have developed an excellent rapport in preseason, making Kupp a sneaky sleeper in the late rounds of your draft.



Most average draft positions ADPs, have Bryant falling to a mid-round selection and Garcon a round or two later. Don’t feel you’re compromising your potential success, by taking them ahead of other WR2s. When you do your draft homework, you can beat the fantasy football rankings by uncovering overlooked veteran sleepers.


Each of these players carries a high ceiling as potential WR1 additions to your roster. If you’re skeptical about rookie pass catchers, Kupp has been staying on waiver wires post draft results. However, don’t expect him to sit there long in PPR leagues if he turns out to be a favorite target of Goff. If you roster these three receivers, by mid-season you may own three WR1s and be the envy of your league.

September 10, 2017

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Exemplary Success at JHSF Under the Leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto

JHSF is a prominent real estate company that was first established in 1972 as JHS. The company is particularly focused on real estate development, hospitality, gastronomy, hotels, and shopping center operations. Of interest to note is that JHSF majors in high-income market segments characterized by incomes that highly recur. The company dominates in several markets that include Brazil, Uruguay, and America.

JHSF is renowned as the first company in Brazil that highly prioritizes recurrent income assets. Their concentration in shopping mall operations, hotels, airports, and real estate industry also show their popularity in the market. For the record, the company has managed to build structures that cover over six million square meters. JHSF registered a stock market value of R $ 1.20 billion in 2017.

JHSF was first established by two brothers, Jose Roberto Auriemo and Fabio. The primary goal of the company was incorporation services and construction. The company later split in 1990 changing its name from JHS to JHSF. As a result, Fabio remained at the helm of the business’s real estate operations. After attaining impressive growth rates, the company resolved to expand its niche of operations to shopping malls. Aged 27, Jose AuriemoNeto took over the company after two years of operations.

Through Auriemo’s leadership, the company successfully launched CidadeJardim complex, one of the prominent and luxurious structures in the country. Apart from its primary purpose as a mall, Cidade also consists of nine prestigious towers in the high-end of condominium park city garden. The complex also has three commercial towers that are often referred to as city garden corporate center. The company managed to acquire a large stake in Fasano Group hotels in 2007 and fully controlled the hotel in 2014.

Jose AuriemoNeto has consistently served as the Chief Executive Officer at JHSF Par since 2003. He first joined the company in 1993 and introduced the services department in 1997, by establishing a parking lot management company, Parkbem. Jose was also the Chief Executive Officer at JHSF Participacoes SA between 2006 and 2014. He also served the company’s board of executive officers.

Bastter: https://www.bastter.com/mercado/acao/JHSF.aspx

September 9, 2017

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George Soros Strife for Fewer and Fewer Open Society Enemies

Australian philosopher Karl Popper was so popular in the period when the Second World War raged that his Open Society Philosophy got taught to economy students in European Universities. The philosopher attributed the Second World War and all other world conflicts in the past, present and future to that day’s ruling dynasties’ assumption that they are better configured than others. He described the Open Society; a socio-political system which respects everyone’s opinions and differences is ruled democratically and does not impose on minority groups within it. He also wrote a book explaining why such an ideal system of governance and global coexistence could never actualize; the Open Society and Its Enemies. Among the philosophies which Popper thought to be misleading, all supposed to have the ultimate truth of humanity figured out. Also, the philosophies emphasized on their subscribers to spread them, even by imposition. Some of them were;

  • Romanticism,
  • Totalitarianism,
  • Imperialism,
  • Fascism,
  • Assimilation,
  • Collectivism
  • And nationalism

The Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations is the creation of George Soros and his ardent belief that Karl Popper’s Open Society should, and therefore can be achieved. The liberal billionaire has always loved challenges and even more, overcoming them. He first came across the philosophy as a student of Economics at the London School of Economics. He had witnessed for himself what the superiority complex that characterized other philosophies could lead dynasties to do. The Nazi Regime had invaded Hungary just to pacify it from Jews and had managed to kill 500,000 of them. The Soros Family were caught up in the strife and had to denounce and conceal their Jewish identities to survive. Therefore, in his financial hegemony and zenith in the hedge funds sector, Soros thought he should found and fund the foundation to the benefit of the meek and the oppressed persons of the world.

He had plenty of money and so he could: so he did.It’s difficult to set apart the roles played by the Open Society Foundations and George Soros in making the world a better place. The Open Society Foundations does most of the philanthropic work and even operates independently of the liberal billionaire but entirely depends on him for financing and direction. Nevertheless, the Open Society Foundations have played a critical role in the gradual decline of the enemies of Open Society as Karl Popper had listed them. As the biggest proponent of Open Society, Soros has also discerned other contemporary enemies to the Open Society and has directed charitable efforts of his affiliate philanthropies to stop them.

One of the grand achievements of the Open Society Foundations includes welcoming Eastern Europe into the fold after the decline of the Soviet Union. Another one revolves around the three-year relief it offered to the people of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. It has also funded scores of freedom fighters and civil rights activists to further their protests against for repression, corruption, and war. All those are fewer contemporary enemies to the Open Society having in mind the decline of some major totalitarian, communist, dictatorial and fascist regimes.

September 3, 2017

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George Soros: A Champion for the liberal media

In a recent article for Politico George Soros, who was on a hiatus of sorts from political spending, George re-emerged from the shadows to make a large donation to the Clinton campaign and other democratic PACS in excess of $20 million. George had previously vowed to scale back on his political spending after contributing a fortune to thwart Bush 2004 but felt he had to help those who could not resist the temptation of Trumps outlandish promises. Through his political and monetary influence George Soros is fighting for the rights that the Republicans seek to terminate.George Soros has dedicated his life to getting it right. Injustice is a word he would love to see erased from our collective minds. George grew up in Hungary and understood the challenges that minorities faced from an early age.

George grew up in Hungary during the second world war (under Nazi occupation) and as such was barred from school because of his ethnicity. On his arrival in America, he sought to make a name for himself in business and politics. What’s more, attending the London School of Economics, aptly prepared him as he embarked on an investment career that has spanned the course of 60 years.George Soros has always and will always fight injustice wherever he finds it and is lucky enough to have the funds to support such matters. Among the countless organizations that George supports is Media Matters for America. The group is a web based nonprofit organization that seeks to correct misinformation given by conservative media.

The group is a bastion of respected media, and they are the kind of group that disavowed fake news and holds the populous media to task. George Soros stands for credibility and transparency, which is what makes him the perfect spokesman for the black lives matter schism in America in the post-Ferguson Missouri climate.The world needs more people like George Soros to help it keep the checks and balances. Moreover, the world needs his generosity. To date, George Soros has donated millions over the years to various charities, PACS, and other deserving causes, all of which he does without the need or desire for reward. George Soros is a selfless philanthropist and the world would be a better place if everyone else followed his fine example of what it is to be a loving and compassionate human being.

September 2, 2017

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