CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc., Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson attended and graduated from Michigan State University in 1980 with a BA in Finance. Autterson also held positions as a member of the Young Presidents Organization and the World Presidents Organization. He later attended the University of Denver Graduated Tax Program, and jumped off his career at First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv. After two years, Matthew left his position with First Trust Corporation in 1982 to join a small team seeking to charter a new Colorado State chartered trust company as a subsidiary of New York-based financial services company Integrated Resources, Inc. By 1986, he’d become president of Resources Trust Company. Three years later, Resources Trust Company, as well as other assets owned by Integrated Resources, Inc., was sold to Broad, Inc. Broad, Inc., would then become SunAmerica, Inc., which would then be acquired by AIG in 1998 for $18 billion. In 2001, Fiserv acquired Resources Trust Company from AIG. Prior to the sale, Resources Trust Company had become one of the largest state-charted, FDIC-insured depository trust companies in the entire United States, with its depository and custodial services totaling over 200,000 clients, brought in by its over 15,000 registered independent financial advisors. It held more than $20 billion in custodial assets, as well as more than $1 billion in deposits.

After years as a leader in Colorado’s business community, serving on the Board of the Denver Zoo, and Denver Zoological Foundation, the Webb-Waring Foundation, and as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice, Autterson pursues his philanthropic interests represented by FAB. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB), headed by Scott Falci, M.D., which helps people suffering from neuromotor disabilities to increase their ability to control and interact with their environment. Autterson is also on the Board of Directors as President and CEO of CNS Bioscience, Inc., a clinical-stage drug development company that focuses on alleviation of neuropathic pain, founded by Falci in 2013, furthering the potential to help those with spinal cord injuries. Matthew Autterson continues to play key roles in his community by participating in running events as well as giving us a lovely nature quote on Twitter, every day.


August 30, 2017

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George Soros and his concern for other people

George Soros is an individual well-known for his various charitable works. He was born in the year 1930 and most of his time as an adult has been used in charitable activities all over the world. One of the major things that made him get into charity is the fact that he saw many people suffering when he was a young boy. He was brought up well and most of the things he needed in life were made available to him. Even though he had everything he needed, he was concerned about the other people who were suffering and wanted them to have a comfortable life just as he had his.

At the time George Soros experienced other people suffering he was a young boy. He had the heart of offering them help, and support in form of money however, he was a young boy and could not do anything much to offer them money. From the experience he made a promise to himself that he would help the people suffering in the society, when he was a grown man. He realized that money is necessary in order to have a complete and comfortable life. George did not want to succeed and have a comfortable life alone. He wanted to share the happiness of having money with other people.

When he became a grown man, he was fortunate enough to be wealthy and he made sure to fulfill the promise he made to himself. He used his wealth to make the lives of other individuals comfortable. George started by establishing a charitable organization in his homeland of Hungary known as Open Society Foundation. He established this organization in the year 1979 and in 1987 he established an office in Mexico. After opening the Mexico office is when he started increasing the funds he used in charity. His spending rose from $3 million to $300 million, giving a clear impression that he was committed in his social concern.

About George Soros he did not stop at the office he established Mexico. He went ahead and established even more in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. George with his wealth did not use the money to make his life better, but used it to create a better place to live for many more people. His social concern was intended to make America a better place since he was focused in making the society change into something consistent. When he was young he could not do it but when he was older and was able to help he did his best.

August 22, 2017

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Rocketship Education Helps Provide A Future For Low-income Children

Life is difficult for families that earn a low income. Middle-class jobs are disappearing and housing prices are skyrocketing. The gap between rich and poor people increases daily. The future for people that earn a low income looks bleak.

A belief is that by improving public education in low-income areas, the future for the people that live in those areas will improve. Without an education, the options to rise from a low-income area decrease.

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit public charter schools that serve low-income areas with limited access to education. They believe a school should do more than just educate students. Schools should empower teachers, engage parents, and inspire communities. Rocketship Education provides access to an education and job opportunities for adults in low-income areas.

Rocketship Education began in 2007. They work with community organizations, educators, and parents to create quality public schools that help guide children toward college. Many children in low-income areas that go to college are the first person in their family to attend a state college.

Business leaders also supply tremendous support toward the success of education for children in low-income areas. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings provided $100 million to support education. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan are active supporters of education with funding and technology.

Rocketship Education unites the community, parents, and school. Their approach to education creates a sustainable future for quality education in low-income areas. Rocketship Education wants children to believe life holds opportunities regardless of their community’s level of income.

A group of parents that live in a low-income area interview each teacher before the school offers the teacher a job. Parents that didn’t attend college because there were no opportunities appreciate what Rocketship Education provides. The parents examine each candidate closely to guarantee the school selects the best teachers.

States are approving Rocketship Education charter schools in areas renowned for intense poverty and rampant crime. The schools strive to unite people and education, and in time, perhaps the level of poverty and crime rate will improve.


August 19, 2017

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