How To Throw A Stylish And Stress-Free Party

Everyone dreams of throwing a fabulous party that will be talked about by friends and family for years to come. However, pulling off a successful party doesn’t come naturally to everyone. For many, just the thought of having a handful of friends over for dinner leads to feelings of stress and uneasiness.


If you want to pull off an incredible party without worrying about creating the perfect menu and keeping track of never-ending to-do lists, you can always hire one of the many event planning companies in NYC. Twenty Three Layers is one of the best party and corporate event planners in NYC, offering a wide variety of services like catering and live entertainment. As a team of experienced industry professionals, Twenty Three Layers can take care of everything from the early planning stages to the day of the party.


However, if you don’t have the money for a professional planner, there’s no need to worry. We have asked some professional party planners for their expert tips and industry secrets.



  1. Create a Simple Menu


Even if your culinary skills rival those of top chefs, it’s important not to make your party menu too complicated. As the host, you’ll have plenty of other responsibilities in addition to providing food. Come up with a simple menu of appetizers that will keep your guests feeling satisfied.



  1. Learn How to Use Spreadsheets


When it comes to throwing a party, spreadsheet software is your friend. This free software will keep you organized so that you can keep track of how many guests are coming as well as to-do lists of all kinds.



  1. Make a DIY Bar Area


By setting up a DIY bar area in your home, you’re allowing guests to serve their own drinks so that they won’t keep running to your refrigerator for refills. If you’re feeling extra creative, experiment with different drinking glasses and unique garnishes.



Relax Before the Party


Planning a party can take a lot out of you. That’s why you owe it to yourself to spend some time before the guests arrive doing things that can help you unwind.


April 18, 2017

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Mike Heiligenstein and CTRMA Achievements

CTRMA is an acronym for Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The institution is an agency by the government, but independent. It was designed to make improvements in Travis and Williamson counties transportation system in 2002. Their mission is to implement multi-modal, innovative transportation solutions that create transportation choices and reduce congestion that enhance the quality of economic vitality and life.

An Insight of How CTRMA Works

A seven-member board of directors oversees the mobile authority. Each of the Williamson and Travis counties Commissioners Courts appoint three members while the Governor appoints the Chairman to serve on the board.

A small professional staff is employed by the mobile authority. According to Biz Journals, the staff is led by Mike Heiligenstein who is their Executive Director. CTRMA often uses contractors from the private sector who have specialized expertise to provide staffing for individual projects.

The authority was created to operate under the Chapter 370 of the Texas Transportation Code. With this in mind the state law authorizes it to implement a variety of transportation systems such as transit services, seaports, airports and roadways. CTRMA has the mandate to issue revenue bonds as a means of funding projects. It can use the taxes and/or user fees to repay bonds and fund operations.

Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobileauthority

Mike Heiligenstein, a board member of CTRMA, stated that the authority was created to build mobility solutions. This does not mean they specialize on roads. Their end result is to transform a community. For example, they have built the 183A Toll road in Leander and Cedar Park. Additionally, the authority was responsible for building the U.S. 290 toll road between Manor and Austin.

According to Mike, the road has improved the non-toll lanes that were in existence while tripling the capacity of the previous road. The executive director of the authority added that they are an agency established by the people of Williamson and Travis counties, and they are not a private company.

Mobility Authority Mission

Innovations are the heart of the mobility authority’s mission. Currently they are building new MoPac Express Lanes. These lanes will institute variable tolling by incorporating sophisticated tolling designed to manage traffic flow. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

According to Mike Heiligenstein, rates from variable tolling will synchronize demand and supply to make sure a predictable traffic flow. The end result will be a surety that the express lane will be moving if and when other lanes are crawling or at a standstill at rush hour.

April 11, 2017

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Police Officers Will Continue To Use Products Provided By Securus Technologies

After using Securus Technologies products and services for a few years, police officers from all across the country have recently stated that they are sticking with Securus Technologies. The main product that made police officers make this decision is LBS. LBS is a program that allows police officers to track a physical location every time an inmate calls a cell phone.


Before LBS, inmates would call cell phones, bu it was just about impossible to track the location of the cell phone. Even when a breakthrough was reached, many cell phones were registered in different states or even different countries. This made stopping criminal activity extra hard on police officers.


With LBS, police officers can track a specific location, regardless of where the phone is registered. This has led to the arrest of thousands of people. More importantly, police officers have confiscated millions of dollars in drugs and weapons as a result of LBS.


Securus Technologies is thrilled that this technology is working so well. Securus has also vowed to intensify LBS. They plan to add more features to the software program, hoping to make it easier for law enforcement officials to use. They also want to hear from police officers to get suggestions on what they can do to make the software easier to use.


Moreover, Securus Technologies has also vowed to stay neutral, as it relates to inmates and law enforcement officials. Securus Technologies does not want to show favoritism to either law enforcement officials or inmates. Securus made it clear that it exists for all people, and it exists to help the system as a whole.


Law enforcement officials and inmates alike have shown great respect for Securus Technologies making that kind of statement. Both sides have used Securus products and have been satisfied with the results.


April 11, 2017

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Troy McQuagge’s Proud & Deserving Achievements

Troy McQuagge was recently recognized as the Gold Winner for CEO in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award. This is a coveted and global premier awards program that honors professional and business excellence in every industry worldwide. Also, companies all over the world, regardless if they are new startups, large companies, non-profit, for-profit, and other are eligible for this award.McQuagge has been with USHealth since 2010. He has transformed the company around and has been successful with re-tooling advisors. And as a result, he became elected to be the CEO and President of USHealth Group in 2014. He expressed how honored he wa in being recognized by One Planet Awards, but he humbly stated that the whole company, in reality, deserves recognition.

About Troy McQuagge

As stated before, Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of USHealth Group. His is also on the board of directors. Before joining USHealth Group, he was a driven and spectacular insurance and sales professional for 30 years in the Dallas/FT. Worth area in which he achieved exceptional results in highly competitive areas, including turnarounds, start-ups, and high growth organizations.

Other Previous Experience

His other previous roles are also impressive. From September 1996 to March 2008, he worked for HealthMarket as the President of the Agency Marketing Group. Also, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida in 1982. His activities and societies included being involved in the University of Central Florida Tennis All America in 1983 and being involved in the University of Central Florida Academic All America in 1983.

His Volunteer/Charitable Efforts

McQuagge is also very involved in reaching back to the community. His volunteer experience and charitable donations go far back, and they are as follows: The Semper Fi Fund in October 2015, HopeKids Dallas in September 2014, HopeKids Phoenix in September 2013, Crisis Nursery Phoenix in September 2012, Phoenix of New Orleans in September 2010, and Trinity Habitat for Humanity from December 2016 to now.

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April 9, 2017

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