A Brief Summary of Litigation With Karl Heideck

Litigation With Karl HeideckLegal processes are complicated and can be difficult to understand by a layman, but it is important to know the basics. If you need to defend yourself through the legal system, it is best to arm yourself with all of the knowledge you can. For example, there is some murkiness about what exactly the term ‘litigation’ means. Most seem to believe that litigation and lawsuit can be used interchangeably, but its definition is more nuanced than that.

When an individual has been wronged and decides to invoke their legal right to defense, the process of litigation has begun. All actions that individual takes to defend themselves through the legal system are part of litigation This includes any official action taken before, during, and after a suit. It also does not necessarily require that a suit be filed at all. Arbitration or settlements which do not involve the court at all still count as litigation. The term denotes any action that an individual takes to defend their rights through the legal system, whether those actions lead to a court or not.

Karl Heideck attended Swartmore College
Karl Heideck attended Swartmore College

To help you with the maze like legal system, and through the process of litigation specifically, there’s no better lawyer than Karl Heideck. He is an attorney based in Philadelphia (and surrounding areas) who specializes in risk management and compliance. Over Karl Heideck’s ten years of practicing law he has also garnered experience in the areas of corporate law, product liability, commercial litigation, legal research, legal writing, and employment law. Karl Heideck’s education is also stellar, first pursuing an English and Literature degree at Swarthmore during his undergraduate work, finally graduating from the Tempe University Beasley School of Law.

While getting his start in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck filed and responded to complaints on behalf of his firm’s clients. This gave him immediate hands on experience with all levels of litigation: pre-trial to post-trial, defendants or appeals, Karl Heideck had experience in every aspect. He is now back in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his home state. With his many years of experience leading up to his private practice, he is ready to help you with your litigation needs.

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February 23, 2017

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Cotemar: Working Towards Being A True Mexican Hero In The Oil Industry

Some companies are known for being extremely patriotic and take pride in their country’s heritage. Cotemar stands testimony as one of the companies who takes absolute pride in their Mexican heritage and continues to maintain their affiliation and patriotism to their country.


Cotemar stands as a symbol of excellence in the oil and petroleum industry. Cotemar is currently the number one oil company in the whole of Mexico. Their standards for their services are exceptional and have earned them a reputation as a company who stands by their values and want to do good to society. The company believes in maintaining the highest standards for their work and their employees to maximize the overall efficiency of the company.


The company stays up to date with the latest technologies when it comes to oil field development. Cotemar has in place some of the best technologies to ensure the smooth and efficient outcome of their employee’s efforts. They only implement those technologies that have received recognition and are widely regarded as a leader by industry standards. Their main aim is to establish themselves in the oil industry and do their bit to help the community in the process.


Customer’s services range from construction and maintenance of petroleum services along with oil extraction and field development. To carry out their activities, Cotemar has in place one of the largest fleets of ships in North America.The fleet includes some of the newest and most advanced models of shipping technologies.


While being an industry leader, Cotemar has demonstrated their concern and respect for their employees by putting in place some of the best security features to ensure that their employees have all the resources they need in case of emergencies. To prevent mishaps at sea, Cotemar has a fleet of specialized emergency boats to go to the rescue of any employee who might be faced with an adverse situation. The company is known to go out of their way to ensure the mental and physical well-being of their employees. Cotemar has been highly regarded as having one of the best work environments and safety measures in place compared to other companies in the same category.


Cotemar understands the consequences that the oil industry can have on the environment and therefore has in place industry standard economic technologies to reduce the harm they might cause the environment. Also, they conduct an appropriate disposal of electronic waste to aid recycling projects in Mexico.

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Business Continues Between Hussain Sajwani And The Trump Organization

Hussain Sajwani is expecting his relationship with the Trump Organization to remain strong. He is confident that Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency of the United States will not hinder business dealings between himself and the President’s company. Sajwani expects to be doing business with the children of Donald Trump. Eric and Donald Trump jr. have been thoroughly involved in the business dealings of their family’s real estate empire. Ivanka Trump and Sajwani’s wife are very close and communicate on a regular basis. The Middle Eastern billionaire does not see his actions generating a conflict of interest within the White House.

Hussain Sajwani studied economics at the University of Washington. He was a contract manager for an oil company in Dubai for a short time. Sajwani developed his own business in 1982. He called it Draieh Management Services. It later became known as DAMAC. DICO Invest was established in 1992.

DAMAC is heavily involved in philanthropy. The company donated $2000000 to a campaign to clothe children. The donation was made in partnership with the government of Dubai to raise the standard of those that are suffering around the world. The program reached more than 50,000 children. The collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent has said to have raised over 120 million dollars.

DAMAC launched its hospitality division in 2011. The company will service nearly 8,000 residents in hotel apartments. The evolution will make DAMAC Properties the largest hotel apartment operators in the world.

DAMAC Properties released Akoya Oxygen. They announced that Tiger Woods would design the golf course that will set in the center of the property. It is known as the Trump World Golf Club Dubai. Other company developments include the Ocean Heights in Dubai and Park Towers in Dubai International Financial Centre.

Sajwani has taken advantage of several different investment opportunities. His portfolios range from regional to global markets. He got involved with Al Jazeira Services. The company has since made a strong turnaround. As one of the 100 most influential Arabs, Sajwani continues to apply his vision the world of business and finance. His company has delivered more than 16000 homes.

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Having an Amazing Online Shopping Experience at Fabletics

What would you do if you found a source for women’s workout apparel that was transforming the way you shop? While most women are used to shopping at Amazon for their yoga pants and workout apparel, Fabletics has been making huge strides to overtake the retail giant. This company combines the lowest prices, greatest quality, with free shipping, and that is just the beginning.


So what makes Fabletics different from any other source for women’s sports apparel? For one, you have co-founder Kate Holmes inspiring the line and the way the company treats their customers. For example, every person who places their first order at Fabletics will get their choice of anything at the store for $25 and enjoy free shipping. Once you inspect your purchase and realize how significant the savings, then the benefits really increase.


Return to the Fabletics website and fill out the Lifestyle Quiz, upon completion you become a VIP member and the real benefits kick in. With your Fabletics VIP membership you are going to be locked into a price-point of $49.95 on all future orders. A pair of yoga pants that cost $119 or a 3-piece workout set for $133 are only $49.95 each. VIP members also get free shipping on all future orders. This is where the savings really stack up.


Compare the VIP membership benefits at Fabletics to the Prime membership at Amazon, there really is no comparison. Amazon rewards it’s members with 2-day shipping if you are willing to pay $80 a year for that benefit. At Fabletics, in addition to the free shipping and low price-point, you have a dedicated shopper who selects apparel based on your quiz results and loads your cart once a month. You have the option to select, reject, or simply skip shopping this month.


Fabletics has also found a unique way to utilize reverse showrooming to enhance the overall shopping experience. Women are actually encouraged to shop at the retail shops, and whether they buy or not, their selections are added to their online shopping carts for future consideration. Simply try something on in the retail store and now when you get home you can log into your account and see the selection and either change the color or style.


Take a listen to what women around the web are saying about their shopping experiences at Fabletics.


Chris Ann commented at Trust Pilot, “The savings begin to stack up quickly between the free shipping and the low locked-in prices. I bought a weeks worth of workout apparel for a fraction I would have spent elsewhere.”


Marylou says at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I wish I would have found Fabletics before I renewed my Amazon Prime membership. I now get free shipping and love the fact the company selects something that matches me perfectly!”


Stephanie commented at Krazy Coupon Lady, “Each order arrives in a timely manner, the apparel is high quality, and everything hugs me perfectly. I found the same items at a competing site for double what I paid at Fabletics!”

February 20, 2017

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Flávio Maluf’s Career and Tenure as the President of Eucatex Group

Flávio Maluf, born in the year 1961, is a Brazilian entrepreneur who graduated as a mechanical engineer from FAAP and later went to University of New York to study business while still working. He married Jacqueline Torres in the year 1986, and the couple got three children. A daughter 22 years old who graduated as a chemical engineer in London, a son 19 years old, formed in administration companies on Segs.com also and another son 15 years old who is attending engineering in England and likely to follow his father’s steps.

Since 1987 Flávio Maluf has been working in Eucatex group where he operated in several lines of the company’s business. To begin with, he worked in the trade area of the company for several years before moving to the technical department on Odiario where he worked till 1996. It is in this year when his uncle who was holding the position of the president of the company then invited him to join the frame executives. After a great collaboration and success that led to the right results in the company, Flávio Maluf in 1997 became the president of Eucatex group and still is to date. His primary focus in the segment was on innovation and pouring substantial investments to launch new products.

The group’s business has grown gradually, and Flávio Maluf considers modernization in management which he says is essential for the perfection and success of the company. Initially, Eucatex produced acoustic ceiling and soft sheets of wood fibers. Soon enough they were able to start manufacturing insulation and acoustic panels. The group’s business at https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108970/conheca-com-flavio-maluf-algumas-dicas-para-administrar-uma-empresa-familiar has grown rapidly, and today they can meet the needs of furniture manufacturers as well as those for big industries of civil construction. Also, they pride in supplying doors and plates to the foreign market. Under the control of Flávio Maluf, the company was able to open a new factory in Salto and later another one was inaugurated in Botucat.

Apart from ensuring that the company’s success is sustained, or better heightened, Flávio Maluf takes part in charity activities so as to support the local communities. In his recent support, he collaborated with Hospital and maternity Lang Carli which is the formal home of Santa Emilia Health.

February 18, 2017

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Mike Heiligenstein Says “Maybe” To Driverless Technology

Driverless technology is becoming an increasingly popular and efficient way for people to travel. However, there isn’t much use of it right now in the Austin area. That could change, however, as Mike Heilgenstein and the Mobility Authority discussed the possibility of integrating it into the Austin county area.

Who Is Mike Heiligenstein?
Mr. Heiligenstein is a transportation expert who has worked in the Central Texas area for years. He is currently the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

This group was created to handle transportation problems plaguing the area. They work to create infrastructure methods that streamline the way people travel through the area.

For example, with their help the area was the first in the country to transition to an entirely electronic toll system that allowed for cash-free payment. They have also helped open toll roads and various express lanes that have made transportation in this very populated area easier than ever.

Mr. Heiligenstein currently works as President of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association as well. These years of expertise have made him one of the most important and respected traffic specialists in Texas.

What Did They Discuss?
During this growth summit in Austin, they discussed how they were going to solve some of the traffic challenges still hammering the suburban area. For example, the concept of driverless vehicles was very heavily debated.

Many on the committee were very excited by the possibilities that it offered, but were uncertain if the area was prepared for it. Even concepts as intriguing as ride sharing apps like Uber were discussed as a potential solution.

Mr. Heilgenstein was particularly positive about driverless vehicles and even ride sharing apps, but was concerned about the including infrastructure that existed in the area. He said: “Williamson has done such an amazing job of structuring its infrastructure over the past 15 years or so. But you are still going to have more people coming here.

“Try building those roads. Try expanding those capacities. It’s getting to a point where, the corridors we have remaining, we need to make them smarter, more efficient and more technically advanced.”

Final Thoughts
Mr. Heilgenstein raises some very good points about driverless technology. Is it wise to invest in it just yet when there’s so many infrastructure needs that must be discussed? It’s hard to say, but it’s likely that driverless technology, while not coming to the area in the next few years, could come to the area at some point.

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Mike Heiligenstein

February 8, 2017

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