An Overview of OSI Group’s Globe of Honor Award and Acquisitions

OSI Group was recently presented with the Globe of Honor award (2016) by the British Safety Council. The award was in recognizance of the exemplary management it had taken on environmental risks. This happened during the awards luncheon held on November 25, 2016 at the Draper’s Hall, London. OSI Group was among the 18 organizations in the world that were feted with the prestigious award. All these organizations had shown their excellence in the area of environmental management.

Qualifying for the award

For an organization to compete for this award, it must get a maximum of five stars from the British Safety Council when it conducts an audit scheme on its environmental management. In this case the audit scheme took place between August 2015 and July 2016. On top of that, the organization had to demonstrate their excellent environmental management to an autonomous panel of specialists. The environmental management should be portrayed throughout the business from its first floor up to the boardroom. Lynda Armstrong OBE, the chairperson of British Safety Council congratulated OSI Food for scooping the award and was pleased that a large number of organizations managed to win the award.

OSI Group Purchase Flagship Europe

In late December of 2016, an announcement was made by the Flagship Food Group stating that it had accepted an offer from OSI Group for its Flagship Europe. The OSI Group is based in the United States and is involved in the food manufacturing industry with several facilities in America, Asia and Europe. Flagship Europe on the other hand deals with food service products in the UK and this includes sous vide equipment, frozen poultry, Oliver James pies as well as dressings, sauces and mayonnaise. Russell Maddock, the chief executive of Flagship Executive, stated that the acquisition would present a great opportunity for the brand as it would access new global markets and clients being part of the OSI Group.

OSI Group acquires Tyson Foods plant for $ 7.4 million

Earlier in June 2016, OSI Group acquired a Chicago-based food plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods had earlier indicated that about 480 persons would lose their jobs due to an imminent shutdown. Caroline Ahn, a spokeswoman for Tyson Foods, stated that on the last day of production, the plant had about 250 employees and most of them were offered jobs by the OSI Group. Alison Kovaleski, an OSI spokeswoman did not shed light on the number of employees in the plant and the Group’s future plans for it. OSI Group indicated on its website that the plant would provide a much needed infrastructure to meet customer demands.

January 27, 2017

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Brian Torchin – Helping Medical Professionals Live Their Dream

Brian Torchin is in charge of a company known as HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing currently operates out of their main headquarters, which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. HCRC Staffing, however, is always expanding and currently they are providing services all across the United States.

This company specializes in counseling services for careers for those who are members of the healthcare industry, such as Doctors. This company provides an online resource for those who are in medical professions to help them find employment. HCRC Staffing has been helping doctors across the country find jobs for years.

Sometimes, as a medical professional, it can be difficult to find a job simply due to the fact that they aren’t always listed publicly. This is part of the reason why Torchin started this company. His goal was to help be able to bridge that gap. Torchin strives to be able to provide a service that allows those in medical professions as well as different hospitals come together.

Torchin hopes to be able to help both employee and employer be able to make connections and he hopes to be able to facilitate the help for all of his friends who are also in the medical profession.

According to Behance, Brian Torchin has a deep understanding of the difficulties finding a job in this field because he, himself, was a chiropractor. Because of this, that is why Torchin started this company. He is very committed to making sure that others in the healthcare field are able to have useful services that are accessible to them to make it easier to find new and different opportunities.

Brian Torchin graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware in exercise science, which is where he first gained his interest in the medical profession and medicine itself. He then was able to turn his passion into a career by becoming a chiropractor. To this day, Brian Torchin still practices his chiropractic skills.

January 25, 2017

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Martin Lustgarten Offers His Thoughts on Investing

As the economy slowly moves towards recovery after the recession from several years ago, Martin Lustgarten has offered his thoughts on how he feels people should take advantage of their new circumstances. Specifically, Martin Lustgarten believes that there should be a greater emphasis on investment banking. As an investment banker himself, Martin Lustgarten is considered an expert in the field, and his thoughts can help people improve their finances by a substantial amount.

In his newest essay on the steps for the average American to take, one of the key things that Martin Lustgarten continually emphasizes is decisiveness. From his point of view, the only sensible way for someone to prepare for their retirement is to act quickly and to take advantage of new economic situations as they develop. If people take too long to respond to changes in the economy, then they’ll simply be left behind once the markets make big leaps forward.

Of course, smart investments are about more than just dumping money quickly. As an international banker, Martin Lustgarten has plenty of experience in working with foreign markets. With this in mind, Lustgarten believes that Americans should also think long and hard about whether or not to invest at the international level. Since other markets are less developed than America, that offers plenty of opportunities for investors to take advantage of growing markets. As a result, one of Lustgarten’s biggest pieces of advice is to invest in foreign areas and to take advantage of their economic growth. This is especially relevant as new technologies are developed at home and then sent out abroad. Once other markets get a hold of this technology, they can be expected to make the same kind of positive changes as the area from which they originated. Smart investors can capitalize on this knowledge to make big investment plays that pay off in the long run.

As with any form of investment banking, nothing is ever set in stone. Lustgarten offers his insight because he’s considered one of the best minds in investment banking, but that doesn’t mean he acts alone. The best investors know to do plenty of research beforehand to ensure that their decisions are in keeping with modern investment practices. Anyone interested in making their own investments should keep this in mind, as well as Lustgarten’s other lessons.

January 22, 2017

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Brian Bonar Transitions To The Business Of Food

The food and restaurant industry is quite a large one, and every major city in America has quite a powerful foodie culture. Brian Bonar has left the world of finance to pursue a life of food, and he has fallen in love with San Diego in the process. This article talks about how Brian shares his love of food with the city, and it shares his passion for a particular style of cuisine. He is bringing a new atmosphere to San Diego, it’s vacationers and it’s citizens.

#1: How Did Brian Start In The Food World?

Brian Bonar is a native of Scotland, and he has been in America for quite some time as he shares the food of his youth with those around him. He has loved French food since his younger days when he was able to travel and eat the food of the culture just across the channel. He has taught himself to cook the food he loves, and he has an opinion on how the food should be shared. He has hired two lovely chefs to run his two restaurants, and he brings quite a lot of credibility to the table.

#2: Brian’s Two Restaurants

Brian started Bellamy’s in downtown Escondido and The Ranch at Bandy Canyon outside the city. Both are located close to San Diego, and he is drawing the foodie crowd who wants to see his food up close. The food made in each restaurant is a bit lighter than heavy French food of the great restaurants of Paris, and his customers will feel a bit of the influence of the sun in the San Diego area.

#3: Why Is The Ranch At Bandy Canyon Important?

Bandy Canyon is a large event hall that may be used for anything from a wedding to a fundraiser. Brian wishes to serve dinner every night, and he wants to leave the space open to lovely events that will feature the food he loves so much.

Brian Bonar knows it is quite important everyone at an event has a good time, and he believes food is a large part of their good time. He would prefer to help those at events to create better memories, and food often plays a large part in that.

Those who are interested in French food will find Brian Bonar to be quite illuminating, and they may visit either of his restaurants to learn his take the cafe food of his youth. he wants to see everyone sitting at the bar at Bellamy’s getting to know each other, and he is ready to host events in his ranch house where there is space for everyone who wishes to have a night of fun and frivolity.

January 22, 2017

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The Remarkable Success Of Capital Group

In 2015, the board of Capital Group appointed Timothy Armour to serve as the chairman of the company. Capital Group is one of the leading investment management companies in the world.

At the time, Timothy served as the chairman of the management committee of Capital Group as well as Capital Research and Management Company. He is a 32-year veteran of the company. Timothy Armour succeeded James Rothenberg who succumbed to a heart at attack. Capital Group controls $1.25 trillion for its clients. A large part of the amount has been invested in equity mutual funds.

Timothy Armour joined Capital Group following his graduation from Middlebury College, Vermont. He holds a bachelor of economics degree. He is an advocate of active management. Timothy will work with the other members of Capital Group’s management committee to design, communicate, as well as implement the company’s investment strategies. They will also manage the firm’s operations.

Capital Group’s management committee is made up of Rob Lovelace who serves as the president of Capital Research and Management Company. Phil de Toledo works as the president of Capital Group. The appointment of Timothy mirrors a leadership program that has been in existence for a couple of years, which was implemented following Jim Rothenberg’s passing. Remarking on Jim’s sudden death, Timothy noted that the organization deeply mourned the loss of a colleague. Additionally, he pointed out that Jim was a purposeful leader who had a talent for taking critical action that incorporated the ideas of clients, associates, and investors’ best long- term interests.

Timothy Armour has a broad experience in matters of investment. Previously, he worked as an equity investment analyst at Capital Group. He worked closely with the United States service companies as well as global telecommunication industries. Timothy joined the Capital Group in 1983. Armour started his career as The Associate Program participant.

Armour advises people to seek investment advice from active managers. This is because success is all about examining each detail of a company and comparing it with the future possibilities. The same strategy has been used by Netfilx to succeed in the competitive movie industry.

Capital Group’s CFA Janet Yang noted that the appointment of Timothy was a great choice. Yang attributes the success of the company to the remarkable contributions that Armour has made over the years. His ability to examine the future by evaluating the needs as well as demands of both ventures has been crucial to the company.

Click here to learn more about Capital Group Companies.

January 12, 2017

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Fabletics Gives Amazon a Run for the Fashion Money

As the Internet matures and becomes more and more marketing driven, it is becoming harder for startup fashion companies to make a name for themselves. Once upon a time, just putting out a quality product at a reasonable price was enough to put some small e-commerce companies on the map, but in today’s highly competitive environment much more is expected. Today’s new companies are expected to offer much more to entice regular customers, like special brand appeal, unique customer experiences and last mile service. Yes, it’s a lot, especially now that Amazon has a 20 percent share of the online fashion market.

Fabletics Breaks Through

One of the companies that is making its name known in the highly competitive e-commerce fashion industry, however, is Fabletics, the activewear company co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. In just three years Fabletics has grown into a $250 million business, and more growth is seen for the days ahead.

Fabletics has an aspirational appeal to women who want to stay active and look great while they are doing it. Fabletics found a need in this market for truly attractive activewear that can double as fashion for work or evenings out. The brand offers all this at a price point that makes it attainable for a wide range of women, not just upscale consumers.

Another innovation of the Fabletics brand is the company’s VIP subscription service. This monthly service allows customers to pay a fee in return for a choice selection of clothing chosen with that individual’s special workout needs in mind. Hudson oversees the selection of the fashion pieces that are offered, which gives it all an extra dose of movie glamour that is highly appealing. Subcribers are asked to fill out an online quiz on signup, which gives Fabletics a feel for what kind of workouts the customer is involved in (jogging, yoga, swimming, etc.) so that the clothing offered can be tailored to that customer’s specific needs. Fabletics’ focus on customer service has proven to be very attractive, and a major aspect of the brand’s sudden growth.

The Kate Hudson Effect

Kate Hudson’s winning, upbeat personality is featured prominently in the company’s marketing pieces, and it’s a strategy that is paying off. Hudson has a friendly persona to go along with her fit and active look, all of which makes her a solid spokesperson for her brand.

Fabletics is looking to grow more in the days to come and to find new ways of attracting active women who are looking for very wearable and affordable activewear. This company is showing staying power, so it’s sure to be ever more visible in the days to come.

January 10, 2017

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