Getting Any FreedomPop Cell Phone Plan Is Beneficial For A Customer


The battle for more wireless customers will always continue between the different wireless service providers out there. FreedomPop doesn’t necessarily have to fight as hard as other companies to get customers because their prices are low enough to bring in customers without a fight. Since FreedomPop has the lowest recorded prices for cell phone service, including free cell phone service, many new customers are flooding into FreedomPop to get cell phone service. It’s also great that FreedomPop is now accepting GSM phones that are unlocked, so everyone with any kind of cell phone can join FreedomPop.

FreedomPop allows those who have an unlocked GSM phone to purchase a sim card that’s 3-in-1 and can fit into any sim card slot in any kind of phone. The phones that are accepted on the FreedomPop network are the latest phones, including Samsung Galaxy’s as well as iPhones. Those that get the unlimited plan will pay as little as $19.99 each month for unlimited talk and text and to receive data on the plan as well. Those that want additional 4G LTE data on their phone plan can pay extra to get more data if they want it. The typical cost is $5 for an extra gigabyte of data.

Another great way to add extra data to a cell phone is by purchasing the unlimited Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop, which only costs five dollars every month and can be downloaded via an application. Those who sign up for the application will be able to securely sign in to the FreedomPop network to use Wi-Fi at any of the millions of hotspots that are available around the USA. Anyone who is also interested in having Internet service in their home can purchase the FreedomPop Hub, which allows for 4G LTE Internet in the home with Wi-Fi service.

There will be 1 GB of free data given to those who purchase a FreedomPop home Internet hub, and they can also choose a data plan for their Internet service too. FreedomPop is also offering portable hotspots that receive 500 MB of free data every month along with any plan that the buyer chooses for the hotspot. Those that are interested in buying a brand-new cell phone can purchase it from FreedomPop directly in order to use it on the network, whether they are choosing an unlimited plan or a free cell phone plan.

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October 19, 2016

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The M&A Advisor Nominates Madison Street Capital For The M&A Advisor Awards

In the recent past, Madison Street Capital was announced as a finalist for the long awaited M&A Advisor Awards. Every player in the financial industry respects the awards considering that it is a symbol of achievement. The award seeks to take cognizance of excellent deal makers. In addition, it rewards professionals and companies that have excelled in the financing and restructuring process.

The Chicago-based investment-banking firm was nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. Additionally, the firm made it to the nomination list for the Industrials Deal of the Year, in the competitive category of under $100 mm. Organizers for the latter said that they appreciated Madison Street Capital’s role in ensuring that Dowco acquires Acuna & Asociados S.A. This transaction was made under the watchful eye of Karl D’Cunha, senior managing director at Madison Street Capital.

Charles Botchway was elated by the news that the company had been nominated for the various awards. He is the founder and CEO of the investment bank. Charles posited that they were pleased with the successful transaction between Dowco and Acuna & Asociados. While complementing Madison Street’s deal makers, Botchway contended that they work tirelessly. To this end, they connect the company’s clients with the emerging and existing markets that satisfy their diverse utilities. Learn more:

Karl posited that the cross-border transaction was intricate. He thanked the organizers of the awards for recognizing Madison Street Capital for its role in facilitating mergers and acquisitions. The venue of the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala shall be at the New York Athletic Club. It shall be held on November 9.

The M&A Advisor was established to provide insights and intelligence regarding M&A activities. In the past 18 years, the firm has recognized and awarded different companies and professionals in the financial industry. Today, the M&A Advisor provides comprehensive services to clients around the globe. This information was originally reported on

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital thrives on its core strength of building strong businesses within different communities across the United States. Over the years, the investment bank has been providing solutions to the various needs of the clients. In addition, the firm has been supporting philanthropic activities. This way, it has managed to make huge differences within the global and local communities. Madison Street Capital has a team of committed professionals. They have exceptional experience and knowledge. Moreover, these experts have extensive relationships. These attributes ranks the firm as one of the leading middle-market investment banks in the world.

Madison Street Capital is known as a leading provider of mergers & acquisitions advisory and corporate finance. The professionals of the company have adequate knowledge on how to arrange appropriate financing and develop capitalization structure that suits the specific needs of each client. These experts comprehend that they should undertake careful analysis and come up with sound recommendations in any given situation. Besides its headquarters in Chicago, the firm has other offices in Asia, Africa and North America.

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October 18, 2016

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Rapid Growth Indicates Success on Every Level

Status Labs has been in the spotlight quite a bit thanks to the many achievements the company has made. By helping potential clients with crisis management, Status Labs caught more than a few people’s attention. When president Darius Fisher was brought in to speak at a major marketing event, even more people learned about the company.

One entity that has learned about the grand success of Status Labs is Inc. Magazine. Inc. Magazine is a fantastic publication that produces all manner of articles on subjects related to business and entrepreneurship. Inc. Magazine’s commentary and opinions carry a lot of weight in business circles. So, when Inc. chooses to honor a particular company, this is a proverbial big deal.

The big news here is Inc. Magazine has placed Status Labs on its “500 List of Fastest Growing Companies”. Merely “growing fast” is not the only reason Inc. would add Status Labs to the list. The company is one with great merit in terms of the service it offers. That said the growth rate of the company has been incredible.

Since the inception of the company Status Labs has grown over 1,000% in terms of the revenue the firm generates. Figures of that nature are not exactly common even when a company is doing exceptionally well. Status Labs has done stratospherically well in comparison to other businesses. And this includes various other businesses outside of the customer base Status Labs serves.

Status Labs has served 1,500 clients. The list of clients grows day after day. The company is sure to be the subject of many textbook studies on how to launch a successful business.


October 12, 2016

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Enhancing the Civil and Criminal Justice through Sophisticated Technical Solutions

For more than three decades, Securus Technologies has been a leading provider of technology used in jail facilities. Their perfect technical solutions are utilized in an investigation, biometric analysis, communication and many more services that are used by prison officers, detainees, and inmate’s family members.


Unlike other service providers, Securus Technologies provides cutting edge technology that suits the needs of the modern World. Some of their products include video visitation kiosks, mobile applications and communication gadgets that comply with security and privacy policies required within the civil and criminal justice industry. To date, Securus Technologies has launched more than 800 products.


Recently, Securus Technologies improved its inmate video visitation from a mere communication channel to a more sophisticated technology that makes a prisoner feel at home. In the latest technology, inmates can follow up on various live events occurring outside prison such as live music concerts. This feature also enables the inmate to attend important family events such as weddings and birthday parties via live video feeds.


The new video visitation supports high definition graphics, and an inmate can get involved in an activity by giving views and even cheering up their loved ones. The technology allows family members to schedule a visitation from the comfort of their home using a computer or a tablet. This technological improvement from Securus is among other scheduled communication upgrades that would be made to the correctional facilities’ communication systems.


Securus Technologies has been actively involved in the rehabilitation process of more than a million inmates held in correctional facilities located across North America. The company’s technology aids in reducing recidivism and preparing inmates to fit into their communities after they complete their prison sentences.


Securus’ communication technologies are used in communication between prisoners and their family members. In addition to the ability to link inmates to the outside world, Securus has also designed various mobile applications that are used for an inmate’s educational purposes and religious activities. The applications are not only used to enhance the inmates’ welfare but are also used to improve public safety.


To improve their service delivery, Securus Technologies works with more than 1000 experts with a solid technical background to help them in designing advanced technology. Moreover, Securus Technologies has made various acquisitions to team up their effort. This is the reason why Securus is the leading company serving more than 3450 civil and criminal justice facilities based in North America.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

October 3, 2016

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