Andrew Wirth: Dry Winter and How They Survived

Mr. Andy Wirth is the president and chief executive of alpine meadows of Tahoe, Inc. he also serves as president of Square Valley Ski Corporation since 2010. He has been the senior vice president sale and marketing from Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation since June.

He has served in many other corporations which earned him a 24years experience in sales and marketing. Andy Wirth, who is also called Andy, has a bachelor’s degree in science from Colorado state university. He has also attended Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Californians have reduced their water use by 27% compared to 2 years ago. People are now more concerned with the coming draught more than any other issue. In winter and winter sports, ski resorts in California have suffered one of the driest winters in recorded history. What can they do to survive in a world with less snow? Andrew Wirth was interviewed by radio in which he relieved the how squawe Valley Ski Corporation survived the harsh winter and their strategies for future survival.

In the interview, he said that winter was tough for the resorts. There was a ridiculously resilient ridge as referred by Stanford meteorologist. Squawe Valley ski corporation managed to make it through the winter quite well but ski visits went down in a couple of neighboring resorts by 20%.The resort could survive some winters if they experienced what they did last year. Though they are not getting what they are capable of, they have the ability to withstand the changes and the volatile weather.

Andy Wirth said that People who want to go for skiing had nothing to worry about. Their corporation has 6000 acres of land and 4000 is covered in snow, so skiing still has a chance. In December and January, they were operating in average snow, but the results were still favorable.

They have become excellent at using science and making snow. They are focused on how they can manage snow. They are looking forward to the absence of the ridiculously resilient ridge and the presence of ambient temperatures in the impending winter El Niño.

Stanford reports indicate to them which are genuinely scientific reports. With report Stanford meteorologist reports he hopes to manage the resorts to increase the volatility of weather. They are doing so well even in summer. They have summer activities to cater for weddings, meeting and events hence they have it all catered for. I have always been tied to some form of weather behavior. They see themselves as resource managers.

They have 6000 acres of land covered in snow. Their aim is to manage business against changes in climate. They are planning to open the season before Thanksgiving.

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June 23, 2016

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