FreedomPop Offers Radical Wi-Fi Service

FreedomPop, founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, is a mobile phone service provider, offering wireless internet. The company is located in Los Angeles and provides free texting and free voice messaging and is moving into the area of selling phones and tablets, which will work with their wireless system. Last year FreedomPop launched a wireless internet service offering customer the opportunity to connect to a network of internet providers across the country for only $5. per month.

This radical, exciting Wi-Fi access plan has an auto connect function, and there will be no need to connect, manually, giving their customers another reason to subscribe to their services. This unlimited service plan represents the lowest priced Wi-Fi access available in the United States of America. FreedomPop has a mission to provide affordable communication services to everyone. Read more about FreedomPop’s unlimited Wi-Fi program here: http://http//

As prices for services begin to decrease, there is an opportunity for advertisers to ply their trade with those of us who want low costs and will suffer watching an advert in order to continue saving money on our service contracts. Advertising for television has been with us, for what seems like forever to most people, but the advertising on TV came much later than the expensive print advertising inside popular magazines read by the majorities of homes in America in the pre-TV world. The Internet is rapidly changing TV viewing habits, but it, too, has a potential for adverts. Read more: http://http//

There are rumors that FreedomPop may be absorbed by Sprint or another cell service provider. Those interested in having inexpensive cell phone service, coupled with an Internet service which works on your cell phone in most parts of the U.S. for only $5. per month is a deal to good to pass up.

April 12, 2016

Posted In: Mobile Services