National Coffee Day

If we look around, we will observe plenty of coffee lovers around us throughout the world. Especially in North America and many more countries, people are getting ready for a special day known as National Coffee Day. On this special day, a coffee event is organized where coffee lovers can get coffee for absolutely free. People gather to celebrate this occasion on 29th of September and even in more than 20 countries this event is celebrated. Many people will order Organo Gold products to enjoy this occasion accordingly. The record says that this day is also celebrated on different days other than this special date in more than ten countries.

National Coffee Day was spotted to be first celebrated in the United States, and later on, in 2005 it became official in this country. In the meantime, the other special event known as International Coffee Day which is celebrated on Oct 1st became official in 2015.

Not just enjoying this event and having this flavorsome beverage on this day, but people also involve themselves in other relatable activities. They buy a painting coffee house, sending coffee-themed cards to their loved ones, purchasing and sticking coffee stickers on gifts and customizing shirts with coffee paintings to celebrate this day.

It is considered also to have coffee-enhanced food rather than just drinking it to enjoy this National Coffee Day. The processed food made by the coffee beans includes coffee jelly, coffee syrup, coffee bread, the popular coffee ice cream and many more. To know more about the company click here.

February 14, 2019

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Visium’s Chief Investment Officer, Jacob Gottlieb.

Jacob Gottlieb is an accomplished businessman and a philanthropist born in Brooklyn, New York. He was taken to Polish immigrants Max and Helena. His father Max, an established professor of economics and his mother, Helena, a medical practitioner.

Jay borrowed from both his parents and developed an interest in health and business. Jacob has a fascinating educational background from prestigious institutions. He did his schooling to university level pursuing business and health.

He attained his bachelor’s in Arts, economics from the Brown University. He also obtained a Doctors in Medicine from the renowned New York University, school of medicine. He completed his internship at St. Vincent medical facility.

Jacob’s interest in business overshadowed his career in the industry. He, in fact, developed an early interest in finance at 7th grade. He achieved a stock selection award at that time. His father recognized his investment talent early enough and created an investment trading account for him.

Jacob Gottlieb started his career in business working with Stanford C. Bernstein & company. He served as a buy-side analyst responsible for global healthcare. He later moved to Merlin Biomed Group and worked as a manager.

He served at the firm for a short period before leaving for Balyasny Asset Management. Jacob gained immense experience and skills while working at BAM. His expertise in business made him leave the firm and launch Visium in the year 2005.

He was the cornerstone of Visium’s development. He steered the company from a small firm to an $8 billion hedge fund with more than 175 employees. Jacob is part of Covenant House, a global organization that has been in existence since the 1970s.

The organization is aimed at protecting children and safeguarding their rights. It mainly focuses on street and trafficked children. It offers them essential support including food, shelter, and medical attention. It also provides them with education and job opportunities.

Jacob is also a member of Math for America, which was launched in the year 2004. It was established by Jim Simons, a philanthropist, in an aim to steer the recruitment of high-quality STEM teachers.

Gottlieb channels most of his time and financial support to the group, his goal is to produce students with enough skills in science and technology. Jacob Gottlieb is currently the Chief Investment Officer at Visium.

He is also a great philanthropist who donates mainly to health, education, and organizations aimed at fighting poverty.

Find out more about Jacob:–cnbc/

February 11, 2019

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Information About Dan Bethelmy-Rada

Dan Bethelmy-Rada stands at the position of the President of the Global Brand with marks the issues of the L’Oreal Professional Products Division. The handwork that he has demonstrated in the various field has made him elected at that post in the year 2015. At the moment he is of age 40, and there are many things that he has achieved in his personal life through various investment that he has made. Furthermore, he has contributed many things to the L’Oreal Paris and Garnier. The factor that motivates him at the position that he holds and the moment is the passion of the work that he is doing. Additionally, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is one of the skilled leaders that has learned a lot on matters that are related to management. Within the company, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is in charge of the various aspects that deal with digital marketing and also brand management. The skills that he has applied in the post that he holds has made him integrate diversity to the company. The other role that he has played within the company is the nurturing the candidates on some of the issues that deal with marketing and also in charge of several projects that fits his level of management within the organization. The factors that have boosted the leadership of the Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the pragmatic skills that he has in the circle of marketing. It is one of the skilled managers that can relate well with the rest of the staff in the junior level. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has put it clear that there is the need for sharing ideas among the employees within the organization to allow room for innovative skills and also to take the level of the image of Matrix to the apex in the market.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada place of birth was in Venezuela and then made a move towards the United States while he was at the age of 16 years. Finally, he ends up in Paris. The exposure that he got throughout the journey and relating to different people made more comfortable for him to learned matters of the international relation and skills of business. The other factor that boosted his moves on issues of relationship with different people is the AFS-USA programs at his teenage.

February 6, 2019

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How Both JHSF and Jose Auriemo Neto Rose to Industry Fame

A real estate company of vast experience, JHSF has been in the industry for nearly five decades. Since its inception in 1972, JHSF has gone on to reach unparalleled industry heights. Recognized for its ability to detect up-and-coming trends, JHSF is a forward-thinking corporation of tremendous industry insight. Throughout its history, JHSF has honed skills in the following domains: commercial areas, shopping centers, incorporation, hotels, restaurants, developments, travel, and residential properties. The company’s branched off into four specific units that highlight these areas of expertise.

Throughout the years, JHSF’s been governed by some illustrious Brazilian businesspeople. Jose Auriemo Neto is one such individual. Following in his father’s footsteps, Auriemo Neto took a job at JHSF after graduating from a prestigious college. Using his father as the yardstick for industry excellence, Auriemo Neto mirrored his dad’s work ethic. As a result, he ascended through the ranks of his domain. Currently, Auriemo Neto serves as the company’s chairman. For a brief period, Auriemo assumed the role of CEO where he oversaw developments in public sectors, office buildings, and hotels. In essence, he was responsible for creating JHSF’s retail and shopping portfolio.

Since joining their operations in 1993, Auriemo Neto has proven an indispensable asset. He first demonstrated his merit after developing a parking lot management company for JHSF’s services department. Eager to continue displaying his entrepreneurial prowess, Auriemo Neto tried his hand at some more exciting endeavors. In 1998, Auriemo Neto brought the company’s first shopping destination, the Shopping Santa Cruz, to fruition. As of late, Auriemo Neto is working diligently to strengthen ties between JHSF and the retail industry. To date, JHSF’s signed exclusive partnerships with luxury brands including Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Choo.

February 4, 2019

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Shervin Pishevar and his 21 hour tweet storm

When a successful investor such as Shervin Pishevar talks about the economy and current financial matters, you have to listen. This is an investor who has worked in various sectors including the stocks and therefore, he understands some of the most critical conditions that affect the country. Recently, he staged a surprising 21 hour tweet storm in which he engaged his Twitter followers on some of the issues that he thinks affect the country at the moment. Some people called it strange, but others praised it. Let us look at what this storm was all about.

His take on a possible financial crisis

Shervin Pishevar believes that most Americans are going around their daily businesses oblivious of the financial crisis that lies ahead. He sees a situation whereby the stocks will continue to plunge this making the economy to go down. In his tweets, he insinuated that the situation I almost inevitable based on his analysis. When asked about the causes of this possibility, his answer a brief one: mismanaged credit, exaggerated interest rates, and tax giveaways. He says that the government is to blame for all these mistakes.

Are government bonds the solution?

When it came to talking about the best solution to the gloomy financial situation, Shervin Pishevar said that as usual, he expects the authorities to issue government bonds. However, he says that this option is unlikely to work His reasons are that the option has been used for too long, it has lost relevance, and it is not a guarantee that it will work anymore. Therefore, he wants the departments that are responsible for making financial decisions to formulate policies that will ensure that there are better ways to look for funds.

Another situation that upsets Shervin Pishevar is the notion which Americans have long held that they have a monopoly of talent. He told his his followers that unless they change this belief, they will never make good money out of Silicone Valley the way they used to do. He told them that other countries have since developed and therefore, the superiority does not exist anymore. He says if they shift their mindset, they will find solutions to their problems.

January 30, 2019

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Impressionable facts about Mathew Fleeger

Mathew Fleeger serves as the president of Gulf Coast Western, a company that is family owned. He has served in various other firms besides launching his ventures. The investor flaunts a lot of expertise in the field and having pursued business at the university; he already knows what it takes to be successful in the field. He has also never hesitated to influence the lives of others through sharing his expertise and skills with them to bring changes in the industry. He has also striven to gain knowledge and develop it from the views of others, and this has helped him to thrive in the industry.

Additionally, the business expert also believes in the strength of diversity for a successful life. He not only has great expertise in business leadership and management but he also possess great knowledge in finance as well as advertising and sales. He has fueled growth in many companies through his ability to bring awareness to people concerning their products.

Additionally, the duo started his career in the oil and gas industry after completing his postgraduate degree. He flaunts many years of experience in the field form the various roles he played at some of the most famous oil and gas industries in the Gulf of Mexico. His ability to handle the hard tasks involved in the industry saw him gain more courage and motivation to keep moving towards his goals. He is still a crucial factor in the industry, and through innovation, he has successfully eliminated failure and losses in companies.

Besides, the guru has also acquired a chance to own a company, and with the excellent skills he flaunts in management, he has continued to handle it with ease. He founded the famous MedSolutions, Inc. the firm majorly focused on handling wastes and treating them to avoid polluting the environment. It majorly treats medical wastes, and the founder believes that the firm has not only played a role in saving the environment but it has also saved the lives of many people and animals in the wilderness. He has also managed many companies and advocated for the better treatment of waste materials.

January 16, 2019

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How Nicholas Kraff’s Company Ensures Dialogue At Any Organization

Emanuel Lulin is the Chief Ethics Officer and a Senior Vice President of L’oreal. Regarding ethics, he is straightforward in determining the company’s ambitions to the business executives. Besides, he explains that his company relies on a conviction and proactive approach to handle their problems. In spite of this approach, the group relies on integrity, transparency, courage, and respect. The leadership is vital because it guides the company in respectful activities of the environment. Besides, they are responsible for various aspects like information, compliance and philanthropy, respect for human rights, and social responsibility.


The pioneering approach can be illustrated well during Ethics day. It aims is to unite the employees while inspiring them to start positive initiatives. During the event, the company invites all its staff to ask any question in the preferred field.

They usually use webchat to address their leaders on various local issues. In 2018, over 60% of its staff took part in the constant discussion. Throughout the debate, the leaders answered their questions while encouraging them to value ethics all the time.

Promoting the Ethics culture

At a broadcaster level, the company relies on various internal resources to support ethics at all the organization levels. They involved correspondents who contacted people in each country. They represented managers and other employees in the respective countries.

Furthermore, they used various methods like initiating information campaigns, securing a whistle-blowing website, enacting eLearning programs, and conducting dedicated events towards transforming their company. Moreover, they encourage their employees to signal inappropriate behavior and express their views well.

Since 2017, the company communicates about its Human Rights Policy by considering the individuals’ rights in its chain value. Later in 2018, Ethisphere Institute recognized it as the most ethical company in the world. Also, the United Nations recognized Emanuel Lulin as a pioneer in Sustainable development.

Nicholas Kraff’s background

Nicholas Kraff is the Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oréal. Before he joined the company, he worked for four other finance companies. For instance, while in Europe, he was its General Deputy manager.

January 15, 2019

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Alastair Borthwick Made History In The Outdoors

There are many figures who have led lives of adventure in Scotland and Alastair Borthwick is one of them. Not only did he experience a lot as an outdoorsman in his own country, but he also served his country and their allies in the military during a time of war. These experiences gave him a lot to write and talk about during his time as a broadcaster and writer. He was known for his ability to really show the depth of the human condition that he was able to see in different areas and situations around the world.

When Alastair Borthwick wrote of his experiences, he showed an honest portrayal of the things that he saw around him and the stories that were told to him. He didn’t try to sugarcoat what was going on in the world and instead showed both the beauty and the ugly side of life. While he was able to write about a lot of the triumphs that he experienced and witnessed, he also saw and survived failure. While these moments may not have been the best memories that he had, he knew that they were important to share with the world.

During the first part of his career, Alastair Borthwick was a writer before entering the world of broadcasting as well. While he may have been one of the biggest names in Scotland when it came to writing about the world of climbing, he never did it to try to become rich and famous. He had a love for the subject and his passion for it shone through in his work. His first book, Always A Little Further is still selling well to this day and it is known as an important part of the sport of climbing’s history.

At 16, he took a position at a local newspaper taking down what correspondents said over the phone. His talent was noticed at the Glasgow Herald and he quickly rose through the ranks at the small paper to become a writer. While he may have moved on to bigger publications, he always had a place in his heart for the paper.

December 30, 2018

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Marc Beer raises over $40 Million for Women

The former Chief Executive Officer of the Aegerion Pharmaceuticals named Marc Beer co-founded a new venture called Renovia Inc. This startup will move forward with some different products for pelvic disorders. They closed a $32 million round on Tuesday. In addition to that, a $10 million venture debt was also closed.

This is a medtech company based in Boston. They are now focusing on developing new therapeutic and diagnostic products. They want to come up with a cure for pelvic floor disorders. These disorders include urinary incontinence. The experts have researched these disorders and came up with an estimate of 250 million women being affected by it worldwide. The company named Renovia developed its first product, Leva. This product received approval from the FDA in April.

A healthcare investment company named The Longwood Fund also supported the MedTech company Renovia. They also joined the Series B round. It was led by Perceptive Advisors that come from New York and Ascension Ventures that are based in Missouri. The funding was made in order to help develop and test more diagnostic and therapeutic products. This also includes coming up with a new version for the Leva device.

The current CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer said that the company is very excited to have the support of such a group of companies and investors. Such companies also share the same vision which is important for developing excellent products. Mr. Beer gave a statement saying that combining Renovia’s innovative technology with digital health platforms will give people valuable products. This will pave the way for new treatment options. The research will provide more knowledge about such pelvic disorders. Ultimately, this will decrease healthcare costs.

Marc Beer started this venture, Renovia, after leaving the Aegerion Pharmaceuticals back in 2015. Mr. Beer has also worked as a consultant at the Ova Science.

About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is serving as the current President of the International Court Administration. He is also a member of the Commercial Dispute Taskforce and The Innovation Working Group. Learn more:

Mr. Beer is current Chairman of the Global Legal Action Network. He has served as the CEO of Dubai internarial Finance Center and Registrar at the DIFC Courts. In addition to all that, he also works as the advisor for the Board of Resolve Disputes Online. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn

Marc Beer has the honor of studying at both Manchester Grammar School and the King Edward’s School as well. He graduated in Law from the University of Oxford in the 90s. He was the captain of the Trinity College Rugby Union.

The Arabian named him as the Top 50 most influential Brits.

December 14, 2018

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How To Become A Successful Business Person From Scratch Inspired By Guilherme Paulus

The question of how to become a successful investor remains to be the most searched questions in history. Every investor is looking for tips on how to incline his odds of winning to their side. What many people don’t know is the best and right method to do this. The best lessons are derived from people who have already done something because they are based on personal experience. Here are tips on how to become a successful investor based on the life of Guilherme Paulus;

Do What Your Love
This sounds like a cliché, but the reason many investors are failing is because they are in businesses that they have no passion for whatsoever. It is the passion for what you do that helps boosts innovation and creativity to take the business to the next level. Guilherme Paulus has always been an outdoor and social person, which makes him perfect for his tourism and hospitality career.


Make Your Consumers a Priority
The only way you can stay in any business is if you have clients to buy your products. It is, therefore, important that you pay close attention to the needs of your customers. Having a one on one with your consumers helps you understand what they want, which makes it easy for you to satisfy their needs. Despite Guilherme Paulus busy schedule, he makes an effort to go to all the locations to interact with his clients and employees to keep the conversation going.

Diversify to Avoid Frustrations
Entrepreneurship is unpredictable which is both the beauty and ugly part of the venture. To avoid frustrations, it is important to diversify. For instance, even though hotelier has been experiencing great success in the tourism sector, he has also decided to invest in the hospitality sector. He has launched the GJP hotel which is listed among the most premium hotels in Brazil.

Final Verdict
Entrepreneurship can be very fulfilling when done right. The best way to enhance your skills is by seeking the path your predecessors used. By so doing, you get to avoid the mistakes they did and learn new tricks that you may not know.

For more information about Guilherme Paulus, just click here.

December 8, 2018

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