OSI Group President David McDonald

History of David McDonald’s education and work

David McDonald was born in Lowa. He graduated from Lowa state university in 1987 with an outstanding senior award of Wallace E. Barron and animal science bachelor’s degree.

He began his work at OSI industries in Chicago. He worked here till he became the president and chief operating officer of the industry and the chairman of the North American meat institute. He initiated Agricultural Entrepreneurship at OSI through which he employed a group of students at OSI facilities in China.

How is David McDonald helping to improve OSI Group Sustainability?

David McDonald has notable improvements which have ensured sustainability of OSI group. He has launched a facility of beef processing in Poland. An up-to-date feed mill has also been erected in Shandong province as well as a frozen food processing plant in India.

David McDonald has made significant improvements in the company. This has been evident in poultry production in the Chinese market. He has launched a DaOSI which is a joint-venture in partnership with DOYOO group.

His experience in Government regulation, consumer’ taste, cultural nuances, and the talent pool has helped him penetrate other markets like Hungary and Geneva. This has led to the production of world-class products and services by OSI to its clients.

McDonald has also established a global network of in-house teams and firms. David has also ensured that every management office at the regional level has a proper understanding of the culture and perceptions of local consumers. All these have ensured sustainability of OSI group.

What did David McDonald say regarding the acquisition of baho food?

David McDonald’s said that the acquisition of baho food into the OSI industry would satisfy the taste buds of their foreign customers. This will expand the European market of the sector and intensify its presence in the local market. He further said that OSI would assimilate their operational approaches with those of baho foods to produce products that meet the standards of their processes. This will also ensure that the quality revered in the local scene is maintained.

The union of the two groups would help the firms release great success in the regions. However, baho foods will retain its employees. David said that the management team of its group will be well acquainted with the cultures and cuisine of every region. It will work to ensure an operation that caters to all these needs in the region.

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November 4, 2017

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David McDonald’s Role In The Expansion Of OSI Group

As one of the top two executives at OSI Group, LLC., David McDonald is aligned with the CEO is expanding the reach of this privately held company. OSI Group has been on a rapid expansion since the 1970’s and McDonald has been a big part of this. He has spent his entire professional career at this company and over the years rose up the ladder at the company to become one of its top leaders.

Graduating from Iowa State University, David McDonald holds a degree in animal science. It was right after graduating from college that David McDonald joined OSI Group. In addition to now being the president of the company he is also the chief operating officer. Expanding beyond his role at OSI Group he also serves other positions in the food industry. He also serves as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Additionally, he works for Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as one of their Independent Directors as well as OSI International Foods for which he serves as a Director.

David McDonald started working for OSI Group in 1987. This was about 10 years after Sheldon Lavin invested in the company and as the Chief Executive Officer started expanding the company internationally. McDonald has been very active in the company greatly increasing its international presence. He was instrumental in a number of acquisitions over the year. In just the last year he handled the negotiations for two major acquisitions in Europe for OSI Group. These two deals were buying Baho Foods in the Netherlands and Flagship Europe in the UK.

OSI Group is a food processing company. The main thing they supply to their customers is protein items like beef, chicken, turkey, and seafood. Under the leadership of David McDonald they have also expanded into other food such as fruits, vegetables, sauces, marinades, and other items. Working along with Lavin he has been a large part of expanding OSI Group into Europe and Asia. His company has been operating in China, for example, for 20 years and so was one of the first American companies to see the opportunity of the huge and increasingly wealthy population of that country.

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November 1, 2017

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Bridget Scarr’s Career Success in Exclusive Writing and Production

Bridget Scarr is a celebrated writer and creative producer. She is highly committed to developing multi-platform intellectual and compelling content in Television, virtual reality interactive exhibitions, and augmented reality. Bridget has over 15 years of active participation and experience in animation, television, and advertisement. She has previously managed large groups of up to 220 people in creative development and technical production output.


Bridget’s focus is on lifestyle, factual entertainment programming, spanning drama, and children’s animation among others. She serves as the head at Colibri Studios in content development, partnership, and strategies. Bridget also is directly involved in daily development in collaboration with other project partners, creative talents, and international broadcasters in implementing projects.


While working as a television producer, Bridget mainly worked to bring other people’s ideas to life. Following her career change, she later concentrated on developing her own ideation. Colibri enabled her to tap into her exclusive skills in Marketing, Business Strategy, Brand Communication, Partnership Development, Digital Media, Content Creation, Television Production, Business Management, Creative Development, Events Organization, Production, Project Execution, Partnership Marketing, Project Planning, Creative Direction, Strategic Partnerships, and Virtual Reality.


Bridget runs on a busy schedule with her family and office duties. She spends quality times with her family every day besides her official responsibilities and projects. Bridget has a multidimensional approach to all her projects regardless of the inspiration behind them. She is thorough in identifying the right partners for every project she undertakes. This skill enables her to work conveniently and deliver projects within the stipulated time frames.


Virtual reality push to tap into technological solutions particularly in education and health thrills Bridget and inspires her. She is also keen to invest in limitless possibilities and powerful projects that come with powerful technology.


As an entrepreneur, Bridget is fond of taking time out to share with other people. This habit has continually nurtured her creativity and scope of ideas. Spending quality time with others has equally enabled her to connect with the real world and meaningfully benefit from them.


Bridget started off her career with enthusiasm and trust in her own abilities. She regularly meditates in the morning, a routine that makes her energized for the rest of her day. Her first business collapsed as a result of financial constraints, but even then she continued to come up with better ideas. According to Bridget, technology should make our lives simpler and better. In her book “Destressfying,” Bridget clearly outlines the need to empower oneself to realize long-lasting peace of mind.


Follow Bridget Scarr on twitter for updates.

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There is Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Qualities First Holdings is a Financial foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana. The address of the affiliation together is 10 w reveal st 3050. In the event that you expected that would finish the union you would have the capacity to call them at 317-429-3500. The union together is known for giving secretaries that are propped in crediting for of each kind affiliations what’s truly the individual money related star. The advances gave depend on examinations that the help makes. The joint effort looks credit or finical open range see which is the best, while measuring peril verses change. The union respects stocks, security, and treasuries issues for a specific everything considered spellbinding ‘ol kept concentrate to make their examinations on the cash related air. The joint exertion began from Indiana in mid 2002. Beginning now and into the not to a surprising degree cleared the union have could credit a wide number of individuals’ securities with a specific obsession for them to be better profited related future. The structure now has a satellite office in New York City where the sharp business neighborhood. To know more about the company click here.

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Become Your Own Boss With The Traveling Vineyard

Many people dream of being their own boss and setting their own schedule. With jobs like online call representatives or English teachers, this dream is more attainable than ever before. New opportunities come along almost daily and if you are serious about working for yourself, this is the time to do it. Working from home comes with the advantages of being there for family and having a flexible schedule. You also become your own boss. One solid opportunity comes from a company called The Traveling Vineyard.

The Traveling Vineyard was founded in 2001 and came from the idea of the renewed interest in wine pairing. There is nothing quite as fun as getting together with a group of friends to try new wines and food combinations. The skill for wine pairing has become popular and now you can make money from this trend. You will be provided with wine kits that help you plan events from home. You invite people over to try the wine and to enjoy the experience together.

In addition to the wine, The Traveling Vineyard provides you with training on wines, as well as other accessories such as decanters, glasses and openers to get you started. Once you have become familiar with the wines, they give you everything you need to host an event. It only costs $187 dollars to become a consultant and this investment opens the doors for you to make money at home through the events and to profit from selling wines online. With wine prices from $14-$28, these will sell quickly. There are three different categories: red, white and sweet and fizzy.

You are also supported by seasoned sommeliers who have spent many years refining their skills. Mentors and local guides are always there to answer questions and to assist you with events and marketing. The Traveling Vineyard also provides brochures, totes and order forms to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

If you want to have a memorable wine tasting event, it is a good idea to plan it around a theme. It can be a seasonal theme where you pair wines with foods and snacks. Or you can plan a regional theme such as Mediterranean or Italian with food and wine to complement it. You can plan to sample the same wines of a specific brand or contrast expensive wines to more economical ones. You will want to keep your choices to 4 or 5 different wines to keep the guests from becoming confused.

The Traveling Vineyard offers the opportunity to work from home with a modest investment. Not only do you get to set your own hours, but your work involves getting together with friends and enjoying fine wines. They offer the support and the means for you to succeed as a wine guide as you take your friends on a wine adventure. Whether you are looking for a work from home job or just some supplemental income, this is an opportunity that can be fun and rewarding.

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Equities First Holding for Wikipedia

The individual and business finance lender, Equities First Holdings, LLC, maintains offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Switzerland, with its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. All of these offices are individually owned and managed subsidiaries. There are a wide variety of investors involved in each of these subsidiaries. Since its founding in 2002, EFH has been dealing out funds for clients based on its assessment of the risk factors involved in their specific project. Since that time, it has completed over 700 transactions worth a total of more than $1.4 billion. Visit www.equitiesfirst.com for more information. As big as it already is right now, EFH is expected to grow astronomically in the coming years.

October 19, 2017

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A Closer Look at Dr. Mark McKenna Portfolio

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor in medicine and surgery by Florida and Georgia State. He graduated from the University of Tulane and began practicing medicine with his father. It is at the time when he worked with his father that he launched the McKenna ventures investment. He later acquired the uptown title and universal mortgage lending and grew the portfolio of companies to more than fifty employees.

After the destruction of New Orleans on August 2005, McKenna began to rebuild his business empire through the re-development of moderate-income housing. He later moved to Atlanta in 2007 where he launched ShapeMed an aesthetic and wellness medical practice. The practice was later sold to lifetime fitness in November of 2014, but Dr. Mark served as the national medical director until July 2016. He is happily married to guanine, and together they have a daughter Millan Elle and Pomeranian, Ryder.

The typical Dr. Mark McKenna day starts at 6.30 a.m by getting her daughter out of bed, and they later have breakfast while her mother is still sleeping. He then showers and heads to the office at around 8 a.m. until 6 p.m where he heads back home for dinner. Dr. McKenna brings ideas to life by practicing visualization and setting goals. According to him, a combination of effective goal setting and meditation is the key to success.

The idea of starting his medical practice began while he was working in the medical aesthetics field. He grew his company from scratch and later sold it to a public traded company, and after the sale, he came across a lot of opportunities to disrupt the industry.

One of the things that Dr. Mark would do differently if he was to start all over again was to find his passion at an earlier age. Mark was in a hurry to complete school, and in so doing he might have rushed some things. Dr. Mark believes that it’s important to move slowly and attributes speed without direction as useless. Additionally, he points out surrounding himself with smarter people as one of the ways that helped him grow in business.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsmarkmckenna

October 18, 2017

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Four Decades Of Excellence At Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been part of the Bradesco team for more than forty years now. In 2009, the one-time clerk at the bank became the president and the fourth individual to hold this position in the company. Bradesco is among the top financial institutions in Latin America with assets valued at about 900 billion dollars.

Born and raised in Marilia, Luiz Carlos Trabuco enrolled at the University of Sao Paulo’s Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters. He furthered his education at the Fundacao School of Sociology and Politics, Sao Paulo, majoring in socio-psychology. He joined Bradesco in 1969 as a clerk at the bank’s agency in Marilia. Marilia is also the first location Bradesco opened a branch and the hometown of the founder, Amador Aguiar. Luiz Carlos Trabuco went on to work at the head offices at Sao Paolo. In 1984, he assumed the role of marketing director, the first executive position at the company. Until 1998, he was the Executive Director and President of company’s private pension branch, Bradesco Previdencia. In 1999, he took over the role of Vice President of the Bradesco Seguros and elevated to President in 2003.

During his term at Bradesco Seguros, the company’s total assets increased to $78 billion from $32 billion and the return on equity average 29% from 22% and never went below 27% between 2003 and 2008. Bradesco Seguros’s contribution to the total income increased to 35% from 26%. At the same time, Bradesco Seguros became the market leader in insurance solutions in Latin America commanding a market share of 25%.

The stellar performance at Bradesco Seguros highlighted Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s abilities and made him the ideal candidate to replace Marcio Cypriano. Marcio Cypriano had equality accomplished several milestones including overseeing the takeovers of Banco Cidade, Finasa and Zogbi, and BBVA. During the ten-year term of Marcio Cypriano, Bradesco’s market value grew to 30 billion dollars from 5 billion dollars. Other names fronted for the presidency position at the bank included the immediate Vice President Jose Luiz Acar Pedro and Milton Vargas.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s strategy as the new president was to focus on growth, internal performance and service delivery. He prioritized organic growth and pursued geographic expansion. Afterwards, the bank would focus on inclusion of its service to increase its reach beyond the financial services scope. Bradesco’s account holders increased to 27million from 20 million in 2003, and the bank opens up to 600 new accounts a day in peak periods. The bank’s agencies increased to almost 5000 from 3500 in four years. By 2025, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is optimistic that the bank’s customers will increase by about 20 million. He is particular about the traditional banking practices. As such he endeavors to understand the client’s values, preferences, interests, and needs. Amador Aguiar, his mentor, and a former president also prioritized customer experience and service delivery.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco introduced Unibrad, a corporate university that aimed to improve the leadership capabilities of the executives and employees of the group.He disregarded the company’s traditions and sourced for professional outside the company to hold top positions. In 2017, the Global CCU Awards recognized Unibrad as the Best Corporate University In the World. In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco undertook a development that increased the asset value, branches, and market share. The 5.2-billion-dollar purchase of HSBC bank Brazil increased the bank’s competitiveness in the private banking segment.

The Money Magazine named Louis Carlos Trabuco the 2015 Finance Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2016, Forbes Magazine ranked him among the Best CEOs in Brazil. He is also a recipient of the 2006 and 2007 Insurance Person of the Year Award, the 2009 Don Quixote Trophy and 2009 Tittle of Meritorious Citizen of Marilia. He volunteers the board of the Brazilian Federation of Banks and is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bradesco Bank.

October 3, 2017

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David McDonalds President and COO of OSI Industries

David McDonald, president and Chief Operations Officer (COO) of OSI group, was born and raised on a small farm in northeast Iowa in 1964.He attended Iowa State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He also received Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Upon graduating, he joined the OSI industries and worked his way up to become President and COO.

The OSI Group is a leading global food processing company, with over 50 facilities in 17 different countries. David McDonalds stated that In order to run smoothly, the OSI Group has employed local management groups to efficiently run and provide local solutions to arising problems according to the culture and the governance of each country. OSI has operated in China for over 20 years growing with the emerging Chinese economy. In 2013 OSI was Operating 8 factories with 2 new facilities in progress, this would later see the organization as the leading producer of poultry in the nation. In 2008 during the Olympic Games in Beijing, OSI China successfully supplied 113 tons of 5 different kinds of products including chicken, beef, pork, dehydrated onions, and eggs.

OSI group has launched an expanded production and processing facilities in different countries of the world with McDonald as its President. In September 2012, the group opened a beef-processing facility in Poland replacing an existing operation that increased the stuff by 30 percent. In January 2013 the company launched a new modern feed mill with a yearly capacity of 600,000 metric tons in Shandong province, making it one of the largest feed mills operational in China. It also opened a new frozen foods processing facility in Madanapalle, India for manufacturing of vegetable products for restaurants and retail industries in March 2012. On June the same year, the company announced opening a new facility in Geneva III., producing branded and private-labeled frozen entrees attached to another facility owned by refrigerated warehouse and distribution services company Millard.

In 2016 August, OSI group Aurora III. acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food. Baho Food is a private operating Dutch company involved in the manufacturing of meat products for the retail and food service industries. It has a history of almost 60 years operating in both Germany and Netherlands with 5 secondary companies- Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Gelderland, Q Smart Life and Henri van de Bilt providing services to more than 18 European countries. David McDonald said that acquiring Baho Food provides OSI a border existence in Europe. He also stated that Baho Food brands and products complement OSI’s processing power while expanding its capabilities to best serve the developing needs of its customers.

Learn More: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

September 30, 2017

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Securus Technology Building Better Management Systems for Correctional Agencies

For over 30years, Securus Technologies has provided technology based solutions for monitoring, investigations, public safety, biometric analysis, and corrections. The products and services by Securus Technologies are available to over 3,450 correctional, public security and law enforcement facilities and over 1.2 million inmates in North America. The company has also enabled in-mate self-service, communication, information sharing, and incident management. Securus Technologies’ primary objective is to assure safety and connections when it matters.


Before 2007, the Securus Technologies only offered inmate telecommunications services. The company later diversified to include government service and advanced technology software products. Today their product offerings include jail management software, money transfer services, video visitation services, data analytics, telecom services, healthcare and education apps, biometric voice solutions, wireless containment solutions and GPS monitoring. Securus Technologies invested up to 605 million dollars, acquired patents and partnered with other organizations to expand further.


In making decisions for expansion or product development, the company consults various stakeholders in the industry including inmates and their friends and family. Securus Technologies has built networks with the law enforcement workers and regularly interacts with their customers to get feedback and source ideas on how they can improve the lives through service delivery. The company resolves to increase safety and efficiency, reduce recidivism and ensure a smooth transition for the inmates into society.


The inclusion of other stakeholders in decision making has resulted in better service and relationships. Securus received several feedback emails from the people who use their products and services commending them on their efforts to improve communication, safety, efficiency and connecting them with the real world. Other emails lauded Securus Technologies for consistent innovation, providing reliable and all-round equipment, making security a priority and putting the interests of inmates and families at heart.


Securus Technologies upholds their social responsibility of increasing inmate education, mitigating and solving social problems, making safety facilities work better and cutting the rates of recidivism. In the future, the company expects changes in technology to influence the management of civil and criminal justice.


September 21, 2017

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