Market America, changing the shipping game

Market America raising the bar for the competition. Market America has been one of the leading online shopping brockage companies in the world since 1992. For years it has provided its clients with much needed products at their convenience. This time, they have decided that the old way they operated in is not enough anymore; they are taking a step forward. They bought a leading online comparison shopping engine provider.

During the Market America|SHOP.COM International Convention and 25th Anniversary Celebration, the CEO of Market America|SHOP.COM announced that though the company bought, they will not merge just yet. The two will continue serving its clients as it used to but the management style will have to change now that they are one.

How will this help in their forward move?

With on board, Market America has been able to offer even more people opportunities to grow their business. This is made possible by their affiliate programs where different shops use their site to showcase their products. This not only benefits the shop owners in terms of profits but also in terms of increasing their client base.

With Market America’s touch of personal shopping experience, this combination will allow them to give their clients more satisfactory services. During the conference, it was declared that customers will be rewarded for moving the items they buy more frequently to from multiple brands. Talk about smart marketing. The rewarding process will be made possible by cutting edge technology that will analyse the consumers buying habits and determine which items are frequently bought.

In addition to the merger, they have a whole new range of products that will blow you away. During the conference, they said that this will enable them to give their clients only the best there is in the market and give the options. The last thing a shopper wants is to be stack with one brand or one size.

This new expansion has also helped the attract new investors, bill gates, and Oak investment all agree in the potential of this new expansion and want a part of it. They all came on board as investors to help see this vision become a success. His facebook page

February 17, 2018

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Mark Mofid Renowned Plastic Surgeon

In the ever-expanding and crowded field of plastic surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid has built an exciting reputation. Held in great esteem by both fellow surgeons in his field and clients that are more than satisfied with their results. Dr. Mark Mofid offers his services to the San Diego area and has a certification with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Mark Mofid worked as an undergrad at Harvard University and would go on to graduate manga cum laude. Dr. Mark Mofid would then continue to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and earn his medical degree. In an interview about why he chose this specific field, Dr. Mark Mofid stated that seeing firsthand the effects cosmetic surgery had on a patient’s self-esteem inspired him. The Doctor began practicing in 2004 and is one of the top plastic surgeons in San Diego today. Dr. Mofid focuses on natural-looking cosmetic procedures and he and his highly trained staff take into consideration things like an individual client’s personality and needs to help them achieve the look they want safely. He and his staff utilize tools like non-surgical fillers and solutions to help facilitate that natural look. Some of the types of procedures offered are tummy tucks, arm lifts, labiaplasty and torn earlobe repair. In additions to this, Dr. Mofid has been published several times globally recognized publications with journals about facial and breast surgery. Dr. Mofid is an ambassador for American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American College of Surgeons. While servicing his clients in the San Diego and La Jolla areas, he also keeps in perspective the aforementioned inspiration for becoming a plastic surgeon, he provides reconstructive surgery to patients in vulnerable states after catastrophic events such as skin cancer, traumatic face injuries and mastectomies and more


February 11, 2018

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Adam Milstein – Real Estate and Philanthropic Efforts

Adam Milstein is known in the business sector as an investor and an active part of the industry of real estate. The businessman has been doing real estate investment for a decade and has amassed a lot of success.

Businessman Adam Milstein is working as Partner at a company. He is also passionate about philanthropy, and so in the year 200, Mr. Adam and his wife established their Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Born in Israel, Adam Milstein fought in the Independence War of his country when he was a teenager as a sailor. After that, he started a family and moved to another part of Israel. In 1971, Adam Milstein joined the Israel army where he served mandatorily. Years later, Adam Milstein started attending Technion and completed his bachelor’s degree in 1978 in Economics. During his years of studies, Mr. Milstein started working with his father in the industry of real estate, occupied the position of a sales agent.

Milstein was rather successful at his job. He demonstrated an innate understanding of the business and how to handle negotiations with clients and attract new business prospects. That let Mr. Milstein to a career in the industry. Later, the Milsteins moved to the USA where he continued to work in real estate. Milstein also enrolled in the University of Southern Calfornia and graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 1983. After that, Mr. Milstein focused on his career with a new determination as the industry of real estate was flourishing rapidly in the United States at the time. He joined a corporation working once again and quickly became among the best in his region.

Up to date, Adam Milstein is working at Hager Pacific Properties where he oversees the financial aspects of the business, does accounting and disposition. The Hager Pacific Properties works in acquisitions, retail, multifamily, industrial, and office properties, repositioning and rehabilitation of real estate.

Th Family Foundation of the Milstein family is also rising, working in the education sector and helping Israeli youth reconnect with their roots. Click here


February 10, 2018

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Using the Rocketship Education System for Schooling

If your children are currently in a public school and not receiving the quality of education that they need, it might be time to find a better option. In the past, parents had but two options to choose for their kids and these included public school or a pricey private school education. Nowadays, parents can easily choose charter schools as a way for their kids to get a better education without the hefty price tag involved. If this is something you feel you can benefit from as well, it might be time for you to think about choosing Rocketship Education and getting your kids signed up for classes.

Rocketship Education is a leader in the charter school industry because of all the work they have done to get it started. You will be able to find more information on this amazing school by visiting their site and seeing exactly what they can do for your kids. Once you get started, it is time for you to think about the different programs available to your children and know that this is something that is going to be totally unlike anything you have done in the past. Before you make the decision to pull your kids out of public school, you can contact Rocketship Education and find out about getting them signed up for the next available date.

You will also notice that Rocketship Education has been around for over 10 years and is a leader in their field. They have seen well over 15,000 students come through their doors each and every year, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re sending your kids to the right choice. You will want to check out the Rocketship Education site and see which programs they have made available so that you can get them to where they are receiving their schooling in a way that is right for them. There has never been a better time for you to make use of this amazing facility than right now, since it helps you to know you’re doing everything that you possibly can for the kids.

February 7, 2018

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Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Beats The Economic Crisis In Brazil

Manaira Shopping, the largest shopping mall in Brazil, was able to weather the economic crisis in the country, thanks to the business acumen of Roberto Santiago, its owner. Amidst the crisis, Santiago’s shopping center did not stop growing. The growth that the segment experienced in 2015 was sustained by the company while other institutions were feeling the economic crunch. This is a testament to the style of management and the vision of Santiago.



With a total leasable area of 75 thousand square meters, Manaira Shopping is among the five biggest shopping centers in Paraiba, Brazil. The commercial center has continuously reinvented itself and this seems to be the secret by which it was able to overcome the economic crisis plaguing the country. Another factor that might have strengthened its ability to wear out the financial crunch is the increased activity of the consumers patronizing Manaira Shopping. The Household Consumption Intention revealed that the money spent in shopping malls have increased three times. As proof, the record shows that in 2015, Manaira Shopping in particular, registered a movement of approximately 2 million people.



All of these accomplishments can be largely contributed to the financial wizardry of its owner, Roberto Santiago. Santiago’s birth date is July 1958. He went to Pio X-Marist College for his basic education. It is in Joao Pessoa’s University Center where he got his training in business education and earned his Business Administration degree. Santiago then put his business education to test and the rest is history.



He bought the land where Manaira Shopping is now standing in 1987. It took two years to develop the commercial center. The shopping mall opened its doors to eager consumers in 1989. The whole place is filled with establishments and things that are designed to please the wishes of all types of consumers. Since the place is mainly a big shopping center, it is packed with several shopping stores. For the movie buffs, there is a theater. Gamers can get their excitement at the gaming area. Those who are culturally inclined can enjoy the shows at the mall’s rooftop concert hall.



If people get tired and hungry shopping or just plainly enjoying the place, they can refresh themselves in the commercial center’s food court. They can choose several options, depending on their budget. There are several fast food stores in the place and a number of fine dining restaurants. For those who are looking to enhance their physique, there is a gym that will cater to their needs. Shoppers who get short of cash can go to one of the several financial institutions inside the shopping center for help. There is even a college inside the premises. With Santiago at the helm, and despite economic crunches, Manaira Shopping mall is bound to grow even more.

February 5, 2018

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Neurocore gives Neurological Patients Choices other than Pharmaceutical Drugs

Neurocore is a company that performs brain based assessments and training programs. This organization has been in business since 2002. One thing that Neurocore does is help people various mental disorders to overcome these conditions without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or questionable forms of therapy.

The company uses a patented technique called Neuro Feedback Therapy. This particular treatment is designed to train a person’s brain to readjust itself to different patterns of function. The process works by helping a person’s brain to operate the way it should. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Neuro Feedback Therapy helps patients by aligning their brain to the correct patterns of operation. This is done by hooking up sensors to a person’s head while they watch a movie. The movie is played from the same machine that connects the sensors to a person’s head. So, when an ADHD patient is watching a film and their mind starts to wander; the movie will then shut off. Why? The sensors will detect when their brains start to wander to something else instead of watching the film.

The whole goal of Neuro Feedback Therapy is to get ADHD patient’s brain back on track. Once they can train their brain to think in this manner it will start to make the necessary adjustments on its own. This is a natural process that does not require any type of medication. Pharmaceutical drugs for ADHD patients typically provide this type of benefit to patients. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neuro Feedback Therapy is just one of the many amazing techniques for mental health patients offered by Neurocore. By the way, this form of therapy is not just for people with ADHD; people who suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health ailments can also benefit from it as well. This form of therapy is an optimal treatment process that can be used in place of drug treatment plans.


January 12, 2018

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Use a Collaborative Approach

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America treat people that have cancer in a variety of different ways, but that is all that they do. They do not treat other diseases, unless they have something to do with and they relate to the cancer treatment itself. People who have never been around cancer have little idea of the toll it takes from the patient and those around him or her who have the disease.

For example 7 out of 10 cancer patients are vastly undernourished and suffer from great fatigue. Many are in pain and are very discouraged and scared. The relatives of cancer patients are in a state of distress too, and from an emotional aspect they need support as well.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) provide treatment for the whole person and use a collaborative approach to treat a person who has cancer. That means that the disease itself is treated, but so are the ancillary conditions such as pain, emotional stress, side effects from medication, traditional and non-traditional approaches, and other treatments that have been proven to be effective.

When a patient arrives at CTCA he or she receives a very thorough interview and physical examination, then a personalized treatment plan is devised. A team of physicians is then assigned to that patient in order to provide the maximum care and consideration for the type of cancer present and its treatment.

Many types of treatments are available such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. Non-treatment such as hormone therapy, acupuncture, genetics, mind-body medicine, chiropractic, nutrition therapy, naturopathic medicine, hematologic oncology, advanced genomic testing and many other treatments that have proven to be effective.

Cancer Treatment Center Hospitals are located in Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Tulsa, OK, and Phoenix, AZ. The hospital facilities are set up so patients and their families can receive treatment under one roof without having to travel to several destinations.

January 6, 2018

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Sentient AI- Revolutionizing A/B Testing

Even with Sentient being the global leading company in distributed artificial intelligence (AI), its A/B testing, has vastly improved. Just a few years back, the range of a typical A/B testing model was limited to different button colors or a few copy changes. Now, with Sentient’s Ascend A/B testing, an AI-powered conversion rate optimization solution, customers and digital marketers can choose from over 380,000 possible combinations, all within an 8-week test period on a single form widget.

This massive amount of combinations can test everything, from the copy on the buttons, the banners on the forms to the color changes of each and every element of your website or widget. This is because the power of Ascend works differently from regular A/B testing solutions. Ascend utilizes genetic algorithms and Bayesian statistics, which can find high performing designs in larger search spaces. Ascend technology also finds promising ideas and matches them with evolving sites over multiple testing phases, all the while, identifying winning solutions.

A closer look into the features of Sentient Ascend A/B testing display sleek and smoother workflows, an user interface that’s more transparent, an Experiment view that enables multiple experiments to be set up simultaneously, along with an ‘Editor’ view that offers a more simplistic way for multi-page funnels to be added and created.

With the Ascend Experiments View, not only are users anow able to view past and current draft experiments in a single view, but it’s also easier to view, edit and create multiple experiments at a the same time; this allows users to utilize the winning strategies on newer experiments.

In the Editor View, adding variations to multiple pages for funnels is a much easier process. Users have access to preview what possible created experiments may look like, and can use existing cookie browsers to alter pages on a user’s website, beyond the first few pages.

The results of these new revolutionary AI implementations are phenomenal. Companies from various industries are singing Sentient’s praises, as some such as ABUV Media, have had their conversion rates increase by 45%. Other companies like The Cellular Connection, Clicksco Group, Nexway, and Cosabella have also all seen their conversion rates spike between 17% to 38%.

With sturdy research, data-driven design decisions, a broad, yet meticulous testing schedule and an analytical approach to interpreting results, Ascend will always continue to improve, yet at a faster rate than traditional A/B testing models. All of these elements combined, create an efficient process that constantly evolves to a user’s website, while also learning what winning models work best with your customers.

January 1, 2018

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What Sheldon Lavin Has Turned OSI Industries Into Over The Years

OSI Industries has proven over the years that even big companies can have success running like a mom and pop shop. That’s one aspect of the culture of OSI that CEO Sheldon Lavin has worked hard to foster. Lavin has been with OSI Industries for more than 40 years and one thing he’s wanted to remain unchanged is promoting diversity and a culture that seeks to look out for every employee. Lavin believes that no matter what background anyone comes from, they should be given the opportunity to earn promotions and give feedback to him and other company executives. Lavin recognized how OSI Industries could make a difference early on.

Lavin joined the meat wholesale company back when they were Otto & Sons, a Chicago meat plant that had formerly been a butcher shop. They had become the chosen partner for McDonald’s Corporation and now had the task of raising financing to build more processing plants to meet the McDonald’s demand. That’s when Sheldon Lavin was called upon to make the financing happen. Lavin had had many years of experience in banking and investment consulting and was actually the founder of a boutique firm. As part-time financial manager at Otto & Sons, he did such a tremendous job that the aging owners started asking him to take over the company.

Lavin’s passion up till that point had been in finance and investing, and when asked to become CEO of a meat wholesale company, he was hesitant at first. But when offered an ownership stake and a chance to grow the company as he saw fit, Lavin accepted and Otto & Sons took off from there. Upon making their first major venture overseas, the company became renamed OSI Industries.

One way to describe Lavin is that even today beyond 80 years old, he just doesn’t seem to slow down. He not only loves the people he works with, he also cares deeply about the local community and other charities across the US. He’s involved with the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, several non-profit health organizations, wildlife park services, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Commemorating 40 years of Lavin’s business and philanthropic accomplishments in 2016 was Global Vision Academy, an organization in India that awards people for excellence in building a business and sustaining it for a long time. Lavin has also been featured in publications from the North American Meat Institute.

Sheldon Lavin’s Facebook Page:

December 22, 2017

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You can Do It Too with Market America

Believe in the future, because your life is a part of it. America was founded on living the dreams we seek and making dreams into realities, or at least it always has been. In this new age of information, nothing should be more simple to create for ourselves. We have the technology to create almost anything we can imagine. Just look online, people are doing it everyday. Why can’t you do it too?

Well you can do it, here is how.

Anyone who reads, surfs or blogs on the Internet can be quite overwhelmed with the many companies claiming they can lead people to financial success. Well, Market America is changing all of that for Americans and people all around the country. They are doing this by making dreams happen and teaching people how to be successful.

Attending one of the regional conferences of events sponsored by the company is the best way to get started. At Market America events and conference, people are making the friendships that build powerful networking. Using these, anyone can start changing everything for their financial life.

Don’t think about what you haven’t done so far, rather think about what lies ahead and how you can achieve it now. This is the first step to being in charge of your life and your financial future. Anyone can change their destiny, but not everyone knows where to start. That is what most Americans need, just a little information and a chance to better themselves.

At Market America, we believe in making dreams happened by finding like minded people to connect with. Market America shows people how to use modern age technology and grounded business models, so that anyone can become a success in their own lifetime. Everybody deserves the best in life and Market America is a great starting point.

Market America understands that being someone who is seeking to raise their own standards, this is something challenging. But anything worth doing should be a challenge. Getting what you want out of life is a rewarding thing, but doing it is the reality that leads to a lifetime of accomplishment.

Their LinkedIn Profile:

December 18, 2017

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